Nov 29, 18 / Sag 25, 02 01:31 UTC

Are you listening?  

I have just gone through the forums, and seen at least 7 different people, not including my 4 I made, asking all for the same things;

to participate, to be heard, and for the government to slow down and work with the people.

Are you even listening ?

Nov 30, 18 / Sag 26, 02 07:24 UTC

Yes, them listening. And even answer for direct questions asked not at forum but via private chat and email. Only one thing: if at this moment members of Parlament (Goverment is still not fully created) will start to waste their time for answers at forum, them will have no time not only for discussions about laws and future of Asgardia, but even for their real-life work and families.

At least I'm perfectly contacted with Russian and English member. No problem. Only thing: question should be at least not the one at which there is plenty of answers already (example: why the "Kingdom"? - it answered too many times and I do not think anybody from Parlament or future Goverment will waste their time for new answer) or answered at FAQ (yes, too much of new questions at forum have answer there).

Much better if your question will be not just an outcry or "why do you make it like that?" but will have rational proposal. And then you will hear the answer. All is simple :)

Dec 4, 18 / Cap 02, 02 05:27 UTC

I'd argue that nor hurrying through the process of setting up the nation is not a bad idea. If they hurry through without consultation with the Asgardian people, then people will very quickly lose interest, and Asgardia will not have the population to do anything.

Furthermore, if the government does not take its time here at the start, it will almost guaranteed cause massive systemic problems in the future, because how the nation is set up now, defines whether the nation's laws are robust and fair, or will be exploited to such an extent that change cannot be brought about by the common people anymore.

Dec 8, 18 / Cap 06, 02 21:53 UTC

Well maybe if they were more clear with what they are actually doing, and with dates; because I highly doubt it takes ever 1/4 of as long as it does for them to make parts of the 'government' they are supposedly 'working' on

Dec 10, 18 / Cap 08, 02 08:13 UTC

Not sure too much time would be wasted reading these forums.

Dec 10, 18 / Cap 08, 02 16:02 UTC

I've placed a recommendation in the Tech Support forum for site suggestions and feedback, that a Timeline page needs to be created so that we can see what's been done and what's being done next, etc.

Having something like that would clear up a lot of confusion.

Dec 11, 18 / Cap 09, 02 20:54 UTC

Go to the main page, look at the news they are posting. Head of Nation meets with minister so and so... but nothing is really said of what they are talking about. for example "", yes they met and talked about developing Scientific activities but what exactly does that mean?  Are they going to ever ask us the so called citizens for help in determining who, what, where, when, why and how of developing such scientific activities? 

another link is

they talked budget and developing the economic financial system in the next 5 years. 

Basically these both mean to me that it will be 10-15 or 20 years or more before Asgardia really gets off the ground. Yes jobs/education/health/developing its citizens etc. is going to need to take place between now and then, but are they planning for any of that? I'm not so sure. 

Also, I am not aware of the UN recognizing Asgardia as a Nation. Only a few heads of state from some very small nations have said congratulations to the Head of Nation but that was it. 

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Dec 12, 18 / Cap 10, 02 15:35 UTC

I think it's great that they have those postings on the main page, but you're right, it doesn't do a lot to "fill in the blanks." There's an awful lot of hunting, pecking, and poking to find out what is going on throughout the site. 

However, it doesn't clear up any doubts on whether or not the participant's guesses are actually correct or not.

Asgardia does make an effort to provide communication. I think we all agree, it needs to be much, much, clearer.

And honestly, from an IT or even Documentation standpoint (I do both,), it would take maybe 16 hours total to put up a Timeline page containing the information (which includes hunting down the proper information).