May 25, 18 / Can 05, 02 19:55 UTC

Free Healthcare??  

When Asgardia is a fully fledged nation, would there be free healthcare (like the UK's NHS) that wouldn't cost citizens or visitors any money, although without taxes i don't know exactly how that system would work. Any Ideas anybody?? 

Aug 17, 18 / Lib 05, 02 13:44 UTC

Dear fellow citizens,

Dear Avacirous,

Here we are to make a better nation. A nation based on the equality for all citizen. So if we are all equal, we need the same healthcare, right ?

Healthcare have to be free. It can't be otherwise !

As a graduate psychologist, I'm workin in the free French Helthcare.

People injured or sick can go to the hospital and health's professionals will cure and take care about us. 

This Helthcare is fincanced by contribution of all citizens. We pay what we can, we are cure/care what we need.

In a nation of equality, healthcare must be free for all citizen.

What is your opinion ?

Nov 16, 18 / Sag 12, 02 11:40 UTC

Fully agreed - if the world stats demonstrate anything, it’s that many EU countries have the right healthcare system (France, Nordic countries etc). We here in Australia apparently have a good one yet things like dental or cataracts are still not considered part of the human body and you must go through private to have them taken care of in any reasonable time.

Free healthcare (and education as well, on that note) are non negotiable pre-requisites for a human society that wants to better itself.