Aug 12, 17 / Lib 00, 01 17:03 UTC

Call to Indians to connect  

Dear fellow Indo-Asgardians,

We as Indians are a number more than 5000 in the virtual World that is Asgardia and that would be Asgardia-The Space Nation in future. But due to some rules of Asgardia we are not able to get contacts of all Indians on Asgardia. So this is a request to all those who see this post to kindly update their name, city and contact details in this thread so that we can connect to them through Watsapp group.

Or you can join the group through this invite link:


Sushil Agarwal

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Aug 13, 17 / Lib 01, 01 01:58 UTC

Sourav Paul -

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Aug 13, 17 / Lib 01, 01 09:11 UTC

Hi @sushil i liked your enthusiasm towards Asgardia but First go through with safety guide To help everyone remember to be safe when you meet with other Asgardians, we made a short guide with tips and techniques given below is the link of that


Kashif shaikh 

Community Manager of India for Asgardia