Jul 15, 17 / Vir 00, 01 17:00 UTC

Hi Fellow Asgardian of india region  

Hello Fellow Asgardian

My name is Kashif Shaikh & i am the Community Manager of India region for asgardia....

I have a suggestion in which i need your attention.......

First go through with safety guide To help everyone remember to be safe when you meet with other Asgardians, we made a short guide with tips and techniques


I was thinking to organise a meeting with fellow asgardian on city wise bases to exchange 

Ideas & innovative plan with each other rather then just talking on the forum or facebook groups 

The main motive of this meeting is that we all will get a chance to meet with each other so we can

Know each other better & this meeting will be taking place onces everyone is ok to meet if anyone 

Feel’s He or She is feeling not comfortable to meet it will completely ok.........

If anyone require any information please feel free to msg privately to me i will be gald to assist you...

facebook.com/kashif.shaikh.98892 ....................... This is my Facebook ID.....


Kashif Shaikh

Community Manager For India

Kashif shaikh
community manager

Apr 23, 19 / Gem 01, 03 05:09 UTC

Hi Kashif Shaikh,

Hope you are doing good, i appreciate your contribution towards our Asgardia. I am from chennai, India. I have created a community for Asgardians in chennai. I would love to have All indian asgardian meetup to channelize and formulate something substantial towards growth of our fellow asgardians and our asgardia.