Feb 23, 18 / Pis 26, 02 21:47 UTC

Asgardian Sci-Fi and Poetry Anthologies  

Hey guys! I just wanted to share an idea I had for working up some early funding for Asgardia.

Asgardian writers and poets could work together to create anthologies of stories about the future or spirit of Asgardia.

The literature anthologies could be science fiction short stories about a future Asgardia, differing visions for what we have the potential to become.

While the poets could work to capture what is best and most worrisome about the ideas of Asgardia. Together the best poetry could be assembled into a single work.

These works could be sold on various online market places in order to work up some initial funding for Asgardia. But in addition, having literature about the state is what has (historically) justified many emergent states. These stories and poems may inspire our people to be more actively involved in building our collective dream.

Apr 13, 18 / Tau 19, 02 15:11 UTC

I agree. Its very important to build strong foundation to Asgardia literature.  

Count me in. 

Joonas Olkkola 

Asgardia citizen

"Choose your pen and believe"