Dec 20, 16 / Cap 19, 00 21:02 UTC


Hello welcome to the Medical Breakthroughs and Advancements Forum!

The topic discussed here is all about Telemedicine It may involve but is not limited to Telesurgery Remote Medicine Telerobotics assistive procedures Virtual Reality applications

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Jan 12, 17 / Aqu 12, 01 17:32 UTC

What is the main aim of this topic? Just discuss modern features in area of telemedicine and their application for Asgadia or something more deep, like research for example?

As for discussion I can say that telemedicine can be used in a few primary ways: 1) wearable devices that monitor main health parameters (ECG, pressure etc.) and can call for a help when that parameters are critical or just periodically send information to the doctor which will monitor health state of the patient during rehabilitation etc.; 2) or with augmented reality that will help during operations or some extreme situations, it may help rescuer to be a little bit more "a doctor".