Dec 24, 16 / Cap 23, 00 10:21 UTC

All Asgardians should have protection and military training?  

What i mean, is not military for war, unless, not against between us or other Earth's nations. Thinking in universal possibilities, in a space journey thru the universe we may found other civilizations, other animals, and they may not be so friendly as we think rationals beings are.

We as humans have ours wars inside the planet. The must first thing is stop internal wars. That's may be the role of Asgardia, a space-colony of Earth providing every culture of this planet, unite together for one reason: The space.

But what is "the space"?

I'm sure in my intuition that we gonna find some troubles in space, and we gonna need that every space being have some kind of military skills, like use a weapon.

Have military skills is not being military all time. We are not an army, but if we need to fight against a hostile animals in other planets, or hostile civilizations on space, we will need this military skills in every being on the battle.

So, we should have military skills? Yes, for protection!

We could use virtual training grounds like games until we have a compound, station or facility that's can be used to train our members in military skills.

That's my opinions, what is yours?

I want to hear everyone about that.

Dec 24, 16 / Cap 23, 00 15:03 UTC

Yes, protection should be without question. Can't do well with protecting the Earth from threats if we cannot protect ourselves.

"Military training" isn't possible the "best" way of describing what would ultimately be produced, but optionally available to all should be training. This is incredibly likely to be required to ensure survival once more environmentally hostile locations are a viability, as a long term consideration, but for the more short term it's not a disadvantage to have the widest range of skills available at any given point across infrastructure. It leads to the largest possible chances of success for any given situation.

I would like to think a war between Asgardia and Earth wouldn't be a consideration, we should pose no threat with only offering them advantages and hold no long term interest really in anything they have. Initially, we should form a symbiotic relationship of mutual gain, I personally predict over time the gain to Asgardia to steadily drop, as we become more and more self-sufficient whilst remain or increase to that of Earth. It doesn't really make sense for them to attack us - but humans do have a long previous history of not adhering to sense.

Dec 26, 16 / Cap 25, 00 01:14 UTC

Maybe not "military" training but everyone should take a course on safety in space and have some degree of medical training.

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Dec 28, 16 / Cap 27, 00 17:49 UTC

I am for specialised training, for each indivudal. The current self defense / police training should be fine as main defense option - next to the life savening's training.

I would prefer common self defense training for every member - just without any kind of weapon training.

If people would want to join the argardian security and defense section - then they should have common disarming training. But for normal citizens, just the common self defense training is more then enough :)

Dec 30, 16 / Cap 29, 00 23:38 UTC

Yes, we need military training, in case of war against other country its necessary.

Jan 2, 17 / Aqu 02, 01 11:11 UTC

I'd say there should be survival traning wich no one can deny and a military training free for all.

Jan 5, 17 / Aqu 05, 01 07:00 UTC

training is a must. as for military training, personally i feel basic training to an extent should be mandatory(I.E. Firearm safety, basic medical, how to recognize a threat, etc..etc), while more in depth training is optional....

when all citizens of a nation are armed, it is difficult to infringe upon their rights.. when all citizens of a nation are armed and well trained in the use of said arms, it is nearly impossible to infringe upon their rights..

as for virtual training, Arma III could be used, a server could be setup that only has equipment currently available to Azgardia citizens. I for one think it would help the citizens of Azgardia socialize on a more personal level, while learning basic skills such as, map reading, situational awareness, identifying possible threats, how to deal with said threats, etc...etc...

Jan 7, 17 / Aqu 07, 01 00:13 UTC

This is Lowone Brow here. I think that all asgardians that want to be on a security force should be on a voluntary basis. But I also think that everyone should take part in first aid training, which is a major part of the military. everyone should also be part of physical fitness.Everyone should also have a basic knowledge of every aspect of operating the ship. This is in case the major ones that run the ship are injured.Being stranded in space is like being stranded at the bottom of the sea. There is no one there to save you but you.Does anyone agree. Let me have some feedback on this issue.

Jan 12, 17 / Aqu 12, 01 15:14 UTC

You do understand that there won't be any space station and space travel? At least not in 100 years from now. So there is no reason for us to have any special training.

Jan 13, 17 / Aqu 13, 01 04:31 UTC

All citizens should have basic military training ment to defend Asgardia, both males and females. We are a nation committed to peace but that will not stop people or nations from trying to control us or attack and destroy us.

Asgardia's security force will be defencive only and for enforcing laws and public safety.

We will only have one chance to get this right and should be a topic of great importance.

Jan 13, 17 / Aqu 13, 01 23:42 UTC

This is actually a response to everyone, hello I am Chris Boardman who lives in the United Kingdom Northwest. I just feel like asgardians as a whole will play a such a big role in humanity and it is all very exciting to me.
So I will have a stance on every topic shown on this site. Almost every topic.

Do I think we should have basic training in self defence? First aid ? Of course! And should we have our own military? I believe we should have military training available to those who are brave enough to possible defend against known or unknown threats to world peace. Wether it'll 've terrorism. Which is most likely, or attacked by another nation to steal our knowledge and technology that they may want to have to themselves. Which is all possible. Or something out of this world which is possible too , alien invasion. We would have to try and defend ourselves even if we barely have a chance winning. If we want to protect the earth we must have peace keepers. Asgardian forces that can work along side the UN in many aspects if we wish.
My Idea and goals for asgardia is rather bold and unique. Hope to play a big part in politics so we can have a secure future for all asgardians. Also the earth. Always knew I was on earth for a reason... I wanted to protect humanity and the planet for some reason. it was a natural instinct to me. I just did not know how to "protect" now I have an amazing opportunity to contribute to asgardia and whole of humanity and I will take that chance. For everyone's sake.

So conclusion. Should we find ways to defend ourselves, uhh yes. Living in a dangerous universe I am afraid we have to take the necessary precautions. To ensure not only asgardians surival for whole of humanity. We have a respectable position in protecting the earth from all threats and being unarmed will make us very vulnerable. We must focus on developing on new weapons and defence systems if we were to defend ourselves from all kinds of outside forces. I know arming space for some is a bad idea. Just how do you expect us to defend ourselves? So the solutions to this are painfully obvious. Much respect for everyone here contributing (=

Jan 14, 17 / Aqu 14, 01 01:33 UTC

Hi asgardia,

Great idea, I'm in every training protection including military,firs aid or medical training, emergency defense to protect earth (even from the earth and for future from the space) from anything like Aliens, any guests or enemies from the other planets, galaxies and... we have to not simple military training We are not just an simply training or education, perhaps, we have to get special trainings, I think we should also have a more private training than the special forces or army's because we are asgardian, not a simple soldier, Our job is not to arrest a thief or something in earth, we have to protect earth, Our real and important job is to protect the world, (from inside or for future outside the earth), if aliens from the other universes, Before the army of all countries ready for it, they weapons facilities are a thousand times more advanced from humanity army's, if you see science fiction movies, they have a great example from aliens how they can be dangerous for us, like star trek into darkness (khan Laser weapon) he made a man tow piece in kronos it's terrible, and Thor into the dark world (man's or enemies like malekith) if they coming, we never know it, before we wake up they army hunt us down and And they takeover whole world,

more terrible examples about aliens like: -the avengers (luki and his army, Chitauri), -Thor (in new Mexico, destroyer), -Avengers age of ultron (ultron robots army), -War of the worlds (2005), -edge of tomorrow (2014),

And more than close to us asgardia: -Independence Day: Resurgence: (they try to made a defense for protect earth.) ... this solution is we have to learn more that anyone else or army from aliens, they weapons, they armys, how are they fight, we have to ready and can fight and destroy them, If they are tough we have to be stronger and tougher than them, I'm sorry for take your time guys, but i have to say that.

I'm so want to be a military or special force in my whole life,this is my dream to be a solider, now i feel myself an asgardian solider or peacekeeper, Let's protect our humanity, our world asgardian solider's, One humanity, One unity, one Asgardia With love and respect...fatemeh ghodrari.

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Jan 15, 17 / Aqu 15, 01 05:07 UTC

Great idea. Lets include a list of fictional entertainment and pretend it's somehow valid as an excuse for real worlds actions. Whilst we're doing that, we can highlight some unfounded and irrational fears that lead to irrational behaviour.

Yes, ways to defend ourselves should be entertianed, but this isn't weapons capacity. Weapons are for attacking. If any situations give rise to the need to abuse technology and weaponising, that can take place when it's more appropriate. The focus should be purely the technology, and productive uses of up until that point.

Arming space for some isn't a bad idea, it's a direct violation of the outer space treaty and a contradiction of founding Asgardian ethics.

Jan 15, 17 / Aqu 15, 01 15:10 UTC

In the US navy, we receive training on first aid, and damage control, I believe at the minimum, everyone needs to have those two skills, it's less likely to need combat training, since in the station, a fire or electrical short could be devastating, having even basic damage control can go to save many lives, and money. We can have security set up for on board, however not everyone would need to participate in security specifically.

Jan 18, 17 / Aqu 18, 01 23:25 UTC

I definitely agree with the notion that all Asgardians should have some self-defense training in addition to first aid and safety training. Self-defense training, while we always hope we will never have to use it, can really make a difference in a life or death situation. One of the additional benefits of self-defense or martial arts training is the discipline and focus that are developed alongside technical skills.

Additionally, since firearms or other projectile weapons are likely to be banned or severely limited in access on a space station, hand-to-hand combat skills are likely to be extremely advantageous to have in one's arsenal.