Apr 4, 17 / Tau 10, 01 20:34 UTC

Re: All Asgardians should have protection and military training?  

I feel like the military and security issues are being treated like some kind of game lately. 

That really disappoints me.

Regular citizens should be free to choose "if" and "what" to learn, the most important thing is to be sure that those lessons are accessible to everyone.Asgardia is not about being proud of being its citizens, it's the exact opposite, it's about being proud of being just earthlings, it's not Asgardia vs the world, it's about Asgardia helping it.

We don't need an army, we don't need weapons like in cartoons and nobody is going to hit us with a missile anytime soon. What we need is credibility, our main goal is to influence politics with common sense, not with this useless stuff, I'd really like to see more of my fellows Asgardians taking these things more seriously.

Sorry for that, but it needed to be said, and it's my honest opinion.

Apr 4, 17 / Tau 10, 01 21:04 UTC

Politics have no place in asgardia, it's a declaration. And that's why I stopped my conceal weapons article, we need to focus on how we are going to live homes, food, accessible resources, products, fashion (I could care less really), and routines

Apr 5, 17 / Tau 11, 01 01:08 UTC


You say we do not need a military or weapons, how do you know we will not need either?, what do we do if a situation arises that requires us to have a way to defend ourselves and the nation? Have you anyway to prove the validity of the claim you have made?

Apr 5, 17 / Tau 11, 01 05:01 UTC

You seriously think we will be left alone? Think again

Apr 7, 17 / Tau 13, 01 03:14 UTC

I don't think we have an immediate need for any military, nor for all citizens to attend mandatory self-defense classes. If individuals would like to learn martial arts, great for them, but it should still be an option.

I agree with Alessandro Zuffi that as we currently stand, we have no need for such action, thus, it could actually be detrimental to begin thinking like that, as it could instill a mentality of distrust and fear (I refer to the conceal carry thread for examples). Artificial scenarios at this time also do not help much in terms of planning at this time. When we are within a decade of first inhabiting the space station, then such discussions may be feasible, depending on the political state and mentality of the world.

It is important to remember the ideals Asgardia hopes to stand for, and plan around that. Asgardia does not want to be a militaristic nation, and while it hopes not to play a part in Earth politics, it does plan to be a nation, and thus is pulled into politics of some form when dealing with Earth. It would also be subject to International Law in how it operates in space, which includes the lack of military presence. I believe Asgardia will be closer to Antarctica as a base of research, but also of culture, with an emphasis of exclusive (and very brief) weaponization to prevent space-born objects from striking the Earth. In this latter case, I think it likely that Asgardia would form a coalition with a few world powers to channel whatever weapons are funneled into space to deal with a threat. Multi-nation oversight and accountability would be required to ensure Asgardia returned any unused weapons, and does not transition to a militaristic power.

Apr 8, 17 / Tau 14, 01 07:38 UTC

The problem is Sean current international law can not be applied to Asgardia, without being broken when Asgardia begins mining for resources so to acheive self sufficiency and perform it's role as protector of the planet. Asgardia will also have an undeniable need to be able to protect itself. Current international law regarding space will effectively limit Asgardia and make the concept of self sufficiency unachievable. Asgardia will have I repeat have to break space treaty laws if the project is to succeed. There is no way around that and people need to understand that. If Asgardia found itself as a nation in need of emergency assistance, no nation on Earth would be in a position to render aid in a timely manner. Also, it makes far more sense to put permanent weaponry in the vicinity of or built into the space station if/when it is built than to. Rent weapons from Earth every time they maybe needed and risk having them go boom, should the craft they are on for transport to Asgardia go boom itself! I understand the idea of not wanting to have Asgardia appear as a threat to anyone on Earth, I really do but, it is futile to worry about because it will happen anyway, we are talking about a self sufficient science and technology based nation in space. Some folks will be frightened by that knowledge alone. They would not have any clue what is going on up there and the unknown frightens people. Not having permanent weapons in place will not change that fact and besides, the most effective way to show you mean someone or in this case a nation no harm is to, not cause that nation any harm.

Not to forgo weapons, the latter option does more harm than good. On top of that, the ones who would be creating mistrust and fear, are those who would give into paranoia and spread unfounded rumors as truth. Not a nation that seeks to have the same capabilities as any other, as far as defense goes anyway. Lastly, it is immediately after it's formation that the ability to defend itself is of the utmost importance to any nation. It gives the nation a chance to keep unscrupulous individuals from seizing power and using it for their own gain!

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Guys I just realized I some how got signed out and thought I was banned this whole time :'D

Apr 8, 17 / Tau 14, 01 20:55 UTC

All and all, your right it should be a choice that if you want training then fine go ahead, but litteraly I just want asgardia protected and alee there will be no military on asgardia it was put up already. So why do people fight so much on protecting asgardia? We won't be safe, we will at the start but not for very long. So why?