Apr 11, 17 / Tau 17, 01 04:01 UTC

Re: Armoury / Official Service Rifle?  

Very unsafe, we would risk a hull breach worse than a bullet gun. Metal bullets

Apr 11, 17 / Tau 17, 01 04:15 UTC

Metal is something likely to be in limited supply in space for quite some time.


Apr 12, 17 / Tau 18, 01 05:03 UTC

True, but still lasers would be very bad for us, considering the hull breach wouldn't be easy to repair or stop. 

Jun 28, 17 / Leo 11, 01 23:57 UTC

If it is a matter of  realistic weapons, which do not only exist in fiction, I would recommend  the Glock 19 for self defense and the SIG 550 series for effective  combat.
Furthermore, in the security (nonmilitary) area,  I would suggest pepper spray, baton and Taser, as well as the Glock 19  and a shotgun.
These weapons are, of course, exclusively within the atmosphere.
For the space fight I would be interested in what air guns and air pistols can do.
Otherwise  the above-mentioned weapons with special cartridges (hypergolic  propellant charge) would be an option for space fighting.