Jan 17, 18 / Aqu 17, 02 12:19 UTC

Asgardia intelligence candidate  

I am willing to become a representative of Asgardia analyst intelligence chief. I 've been worked in.the field.of security for 26 years. For any question please don t hesitate to contact me 

Jan 17, 18 / Aqu 17, 02 13:16 UTC

I would also like to volunteer, this would be to protect the embassies and nothing more. Gather intelligence on terrorist threats only and to share information with the other security services, we are after all a nation to protect Earth are we not? There are things that haven't been thought of and are missing in the formation of this state. 

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Jan 26, 18 / Aqu 26, 02 14:14 UTC

I find that comment extreamly offensive ^ on top of the complete ignorence it shows you have in regards too the National Security Intelligence secture.

There is so many different types off intelligence that is collected and/or analysed by Contries not to mention many different roles and positions in each. You have chosen too pick the most extream sort humint and the most extream job within a humint agency. That being a Case Officer as you refered to espionarge. This sort of intelligence gathering or being a "spy" as you worded in forein nations accounts for less than 1% of any of the main FVEY countrys total collection. Obviously Asgardia wont have a need for this role or a humint agency in general. Comint, sigint ect definantly. Unless your fine with leaving the doors right open for hackers to get any information on any asgardians they wish.

People like you need to grow up and if your going to comment on this topic at least be informed. I cant stand people that straight away picture some CIA or Mossad operative just because 'Intelligence Agency' is mentioned. Extreamly wrong and extreamly childish. And too some, very offensive.

May 6, 18 / Gem 14, 02 10:00 UTC

I am an ex-military and ex-police officer, I have experience in the area of intelligence, information and against information, as a field agent and official of analysis, social and political data