Mar 26, 17 / Tau 01, 01 12:26 UTC

Civilian conceal carry of weapons  

Would citizens be aloud to carry concealed carries, you gotta think anythi can happen best to be prepared. Or will we leave it to security? I think not but what do you think?

Mar 26, 17 / Tau 01, 01 13:09 UTC

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Mar 26, 17 / Tau 01, 01 15:28 UTC

Just a guess, but is the OP American? What is the obsession with firearms? You know, many, many other countries on the planet are doing just fine without having a gazillion guns in circulation. I'd suggest Asgardia would be just fine as well.

Mar 26, 17 / Tau 01, 01 21:19 UTC

Gun training will be needed even hand to hand, we need to defend ourselves, and our people. You can think it's to far but how many bombings and crimes have been stopped without alot of blood shed with melee or police or military late response? Civies armed could help prevent it. Use your head, I saw your other post, a "true AI" isn't bad but some problems. And a rail gun rifle is to fucking much unless we are at war. I think maybe some pistols are okay.

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Mar 26, 17 / Tau 01, 01 22:16 UTC

Civies armed might "help stop it".

But there again, it's likely to result in a much higher firearm-related injury/death rate. Especially if one would manage to cause a depressurisation event.

What'll certainly stop it is the sensor network that will be required to keep a facility of that scale in operable condition. And it won't take "true AI" to do it.

Mar 26, 17 / Tau 01, 01 22:43 UTC

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Mar 27, 17 / Tau 02, 01 00:21 UTC

As you may or may not be aware, here in Australia laws were introduced to ban military style assault rifles and also to licence legitimate firearms owners (ie. farmers, commercial hunters, sporting shooters) in the wake of the Port Arthur massacre in April 1996 where 35 people were killed by a lone gunman. Since that time, Australia has had no public mass shootings (using the US definition of "public mass shooting" - ie. 4 or more people selected indiscriminately and killed with a gun in the same incident, not including the shooter).

In fact, since 1996, there has been only two "random" shooting events in Australia. These two events resulted in the deaths of five people (two of which were the gunmen concerned). There have been seven other occasions where more than one person has been killed by a firearm at the one event, either being murder-suicides, neighbor disputes or drug related.

And strangely enough, life seems to go on here pretty normally. We don't cower in our homes in fear of crazed gunmen or terrorists and we are not tyrannically oppressed by the Australian government. I know correlation is not causation, but you have to admit, it is at the very least a pretty amazing co-incidence that public mass shooting events in Australia have stopped since gun possession has been more strictly regulated.

Remind me again - How many mass shooting events has there been in America since 1996?

Mar 27, 17 / Tau 02, 01 04:45 UTC

Fair point, but at the same time if the station comes under attack and if you think of all events, it will. Then we won't have to worry about troop and law enforcement deployment. People would be ready to fight. It's always best to be prepared and I'm telling you know alot of aren't gun crazy but what would be more fearful a gun or knife? I carry a knife everywhere and I don't fear terrorist and mass shooting not because of armed people but litteraly if your not an idiot and pay attention and are fast, you can prevent them. So let me ask you, you scared?

Mar 27, 17 / Tau 02, 01 04:56 UTC

Also did you consider maybe I'm also referring to maybe oh I dont know, stun guns, salt guns which have balls filled with a toxic material which will disoriant the attacker, blunt launched weapons, or etc. It's not about killing, it's about defense and that's what is the people have a right to do in any situation. Got a problem with it, deal with it. What else will we use? Knifes, batons, or tasers? I say only close quarters, so what about long range quarters? Tell me

Mar 27, 17 / Tau 02, 01 04:59 UTC

More appropriate than addressing the type of weaponry, would be addresing the requirement to feel it should be needed.

If it's about defense, you don't want weaponry - weapons are for offence.

Mar 27, 17 / Tau 02, 01 06:02 UTC

Scared??? I'm Australian mate! I face death every day from the weather, poisonous spiders, snakes, octopi and platapi, gigantic man eating crocodiles and sharks, near microscopic yet fatally poisonous jellyfish... and don't forget the unspoken killer of Australia - the dreaded drop bear. What do I use to survive? Two hands and my wits (not necessarily used in that order).

I'm sorry, but I am in EyeR's camp - minimise any motivations to be attacked first and then develop protocols and procedures to repel any attacks BEFORE it ends up inside any habitat / station. A bunch of twitchy, scared, untrained people in a small enclosed environment armed to the teeth with knives, batons, tasers, bean bag guns, P90s, etc is an absolute recipe for disaster.

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Mar 27, 17 / Tau 02, 01 09:38 UTC

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Mar 27, 17 / Tau 02, 01 13:12 UTC

Why be scared of me if I'm properly trained and not a psychotic idiot, we need to evaluate people, now I'll agree in America it's to easy for almost anyone to get a fun and we need to make it harder to get so not just anyone can get a fun, and to scarbs it don't matter your Australian, don't mean your right, don't mean we should agree, neither my way either. But if you run into situations that don't involve guns and what happens guns are a necessary but what kind of gun Is the question and litteraly if someone doesn't see you coming and are holding a knife to somebodies throat and see you coming that person's dead, but if they don't see you and you have a type of fun, a distance hit can save a life. Think, the only issue with a lethal gun and damage to asgardia and I want ensure safety but we need a good protection. Guns of types not all lethal. Blunt weapons of all types. Knifes of all types. All because your a coward of someone having a fun don't mean they still don't have a right to defend themselves. I don't know how many attacjers and criminals stop in their tracks because of types of guns.

Mar 27, 17 / Tau 02, 01 13:20 UTC

Now litteraly I will say this guns are not needed for everything, there's times where that's to fucking far, but there's times where that was more than needed to pull a gun, we need to make sure those who have lethal guns have are trained and won't use unnecessary. Honestly if we did that here in America we wouldn't have as many armed people, we get criticized for some others actions, did you know some shooting are caused by foreigners? I did and I still don't go "keep them out" we made it easy, but if they didn't have an intention to kill some shootings wouldn't of happened. How many are caused by Americans? Surprisingly not a whole lot.

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Mar 27, 17 / Tau 02, 01 13:42 UTC

Also who says guns on states will be easy to get and are lethal, not all guns are for killing and honestly I wouldn't want to take a life, but things will happen eventually. Look up non lethal guns. You will see.

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