Apr 1, 17 / Tau 07, 01 22:07 UTC

Emergency Management  

I think this could be considered in order to plan a response and recovery from natural or man-made disaster events... 

Apr 2, 17 / Tau 08, 01 01:37 UTC

I agree with developing a way to deal with man made disasters but, do not see how we could realistically deal with natural ones. I mean, we would be in space and we do not even know how many types of natural phenomenon can occur in space, let alone how to deal with them

Apr 2, 17 / Tau 08, 01 04:58 UTC

Your both right, we need to learn how to deal with man made disasters and natural, we have studied space but do not all about it. So we will do our best to adjust. So who's ready to prepare?

Jun 13, 17 / Can 24, 01 00:45 UTC

I'm a search and rescue technician and would like to be a part of emergency management team :)

Jun 15, 17 / Can 26, 01 18:01 UTC

Hello fellow Asgardians!

I agree that there should be Emergency Plans and Risk Management Plans for Man-Made and Natural Disasters. As prior service and a Quality Assurance Manager; there are many ways to prepare. But in space? There is a wide variety of factors. With the amount of Asgardians that we have - do you think there a possibility that there is a scientist or astronomer or anything along those lines that could help make this Emergency/Risk Management Plans? Granted, there are models that can be used - but it's not going to be the most efficient due to the fact that it needs to cater to Space Habitats.

We all have great ideas! We just need to shape them into what is an absolute necessity.

As always, thoughts and opinions are always welcome!

I'm sorry if I seem too enthusiastic, I just think this is something really great and has a lot of potential.