Mar 31, 17 / Tau 06, 01 03:10 UTC

Re: Non-aggression commitment with nations of Earth  

OH MY GOD!!! Someone who gets our reason for defense and I forgot about the rest, crud. Hopefully when it's built we won't have issues right away.

Apr 1, 17 / Tau 07, 01 03:13 UTC

It's probably why it wouldn't be wise to weaponized it immediately. Other countries might correctly sees it as a direct threat above their heads... whatever if we say that we're aiming our weapons on asteroids and against "vilain ETs". Countries are use to deal with other countries at their geographical borders... but technically, Asgardia could be at "few rocket's pschitt" of everyone's geographical space borders. Therefore, we'll need very solid international diplomacy exchanges and international embassies on Asgardia. It's a complicated subject, and there's almost as many arguments for and against it (maybe only to install defensive counter mesures, and bringing bigger stuff from the UN when facing something bigger threats like an asteroid or the Marsians :P) . The most important thing is to not repeat the same mistakes that Earth's nations did... nor to spend 1/3 of our budget for turning Asgardia into a missiles space station.

Apr 10, 17 / Tau 16, 01 01:46 UTC

Not right away? Okay that does make sense, and reasonable. Give it a little bit maybe a year before weaponizing. Good idea, :)

Jun 23, 17 / Leo 06, 01 05:38 UTC

Interesting viewpoints

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