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Re:Volunteers for an Asgardian Security Force?  

I want to take care of the safety of the nation. I have some experience. I am a policeman for 10 years in the Czech Republic.

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как стать добровольцем?

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                 Proposal of Emergency Security and Protection 

I already  submit a proposal just need sign from MP But must of then does not believe we need a Security ,,,,,i cover names that sign so citizen could read it ,,,

 Legality:  The Constitution, the Head of Nation,  and the Parliament can declare a state of emergency, according to Art. 25, section 4.5. They will have a robotic space. By virtue of Art. 21 sec 1.2 it states: “Article 21. Security Areas 1. Asgardia shall safeguard itself and its citizens from space-originating threats.

 2. Asgardia security doctrine is exclusively peaceful and self-protective in its nature.”   

 Art 5 sec 2.6.7.  Say safe and citizen in space and self protective in nature,


 I submit the following proposals In accordance with Art 8 of Our Constitution,

We have the right to be protected. Resolve differences, conflicts, social inequality based on the declaration of Unity as an integral part of the constitution.  The team will rescue, give support, protect, escort, defense in different level of force all treats from space, from planets, and inside our nation..  

The Capt. 1 sec 2 Guarantee permanent peace in space and equality, Sec 8 protect the right of the citizen of the land States.

But. more than a satellite and more than a robot we need Human Interaction. where people feel their human touch, when

situations occur.

The objectives                                                                                                        Of having integrity, trustworthy, firm, honest people, who respect the laws of Asgardia and its rules, who defend Asgardia Space Nation, Asgardia Territories and Citizens of Asgardia, in addition to any person who requested protection, We will always need security, Asgardia will have lives in space ...we could never live without a Security Protection Team, we can not wait for a threat to arrive, or we get a problem from nowhere.                      

                                                                                                                   Group team Security protection, help in rescue, and accompany scientists, explorers and others in their explorations outside the community of Asgardia, could see bad personality in various behaviors and more when it is directed towards us,  the squadron of Security Protection prevents riots, if this is the case, Protect Parliament Members, Member of justice, the head of the nation as reinforcement,  personally, we are not working with saints, up or down, it is not a paradise yet. 

 In Asgardia citizen law 2018, it confirms, Asgardia may enter into treaties with earth States to Protect its citizens from prosecutions by the citizens “ Earthly states citizenships,  were their protections will comes...thru  Proposal of Emergency Security and Protection . 

    let's make our dreams come true in peace and love. but we can not be naked without defense. Asgardia needs a Security Protection Team, The Security Protection team, will be under Asgardia laws Enforcements. The High Command will be reviewed every 5 years. if this group were requesting for help outside or inside the territory of Asgardia will notify you by your high commander. 

A group will be a free and voluntary program for the group of internal trainees.

For employees. it will be paid according to the financial resources that can be granted.

The external Territories that always request protection help, (Art 13 sec 6 say (and others) and seg 7Art 15 sec 1,2,3,4, will have to pay for service and service will not be long term.

The special group of Security Protection recognizes and protects the Asgardians according to Art. 18 sec 2, including Art 21 sec 1,2, it protects itself and against citizen of the space causing riots. It will serve to act in emergency situations internal and external, except in problems of big magnitude, where it needs a high level of technical Defence.

 It will be all under Decisions of security or justice, or Constitution Laws and Amendments. And according to the rights of citizens, a person may be restricted by the Asgardia law. In addition, to protect Asgardia National interest, ensure the safety of Asgardia,  The death penalty is prohibited in Asgardia and the creation of prisons, but according to the Constitution it is a violation,  to commit a great crime, such as; rape, outrage. kidnapping, theft, sabotage, identity theft, theft of information and more, in accordance with *Art 8 sec 9 and Art 9 sec 10 suspending the citizen Asgardia. According to this last article, recommended  Asgardia Space Nation to buy a place of land. as Asgardia is completely separated in space, we will find some serious cases, serious crimes and where Asgardians may lose their citizenship, the planet Earth could make a law, where they do not want Asgardia serious criminals causing us to lose membership forever on earth.  before this happens, Asgardia must anticipate this  event by buying a large piece of land, for the use of Asgardia earthy infrastructure, as well as, many other reasons. This group is not the division of International Defense it is a internal and external small problems group. It could start as volunteers, then   progress to employees, also a command structure will need to be assigned. I am sure lots of Asgardians will integrad.   

Participates in this group, both women and men will be evaluated by Security, and Researchers.  There will be Laboratories for research tests, fingerprints, photography work and training in the group of volunteers of the Protection Agency. They will learn the work. students when not attending school, or vacations, will have part-time volunteer work.

Equipment control area , monitor area, meeting area, …ect ect 

It is understood as it is in space some technology changes as a way of seeing the maps, the complete picture of the ship, exits and entrances, the class of vehicles, the hand clock plus other equipment  

Many times we say we do not want this for Asgardia, months later Asgardia approves it by itself without votes, Asgardia knows the danger with our Torrential Nation, and aliens of other planets,   Les work.

This post is in my page,,,,,were comments are welcome



Aida M. Crescente Tamaris

      April 25, 2017

Aug 28, 18 / Lib 16, 02 20:55 UTC

I am interested in protecting people