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Why the concept of not militarizing space is impossible to achieve  

Hello all,

Some folks seem to think that Asgardia or even the nations of Earth ever having military forces in space is stupid and can be prohibited. Well, the truth is it is actually inevitable, setting aside the so called rumors by those considered conspiracy theorists. Humanity will eventually develop space flight and as we all know the vessels designed will indeed have weaponry. Furthermore, no one on these forums or in existence can say with certainty the advanced life does not exist in other parts of our galaxy or the universe. Given what we have discovered regarding life here on Earth. I believe that it is absolute nonsense, to believe that we are the only living beings in the vastness of space. In every environment you look you will find some type of life from the simple to the complex. Environments like the crushing ocean depths, mountain heights, inside of nuclear reactors, the bubbling acidic thermal springs in Yellowstone, jungles, deserts, and the inside of rocks! You will also find lifeforms that can directly obtain nutrients from substances like maganese for example and lifeforms that can substitute solar energy for things like chemosynthesis. To power their day to day biological processes. There are even microscopic lifeforms on Earth that can survive the vacuum of space organisims like the sea bear.

Which means, there is more than a pretty good chance that life exists elsewhere in space. In fact, all of what I have mentioned about life on Earth strongly implies that, life is commonplace and can be found where ever it's existence can be supported. Why that matters is simple, those beings are likely to be different than us, not in every case but, nor will they be the same as us and have the same intentions as us. Therefore, having a way to defend the planet and any space colonies/nations we start only makes sense.

Then there are the non organic threats like asteroids and comets. Some way of defending against them will be needed. Earth is guaranteed to be hit by an asteroid of any size. The only saving grace is the time increase between impacts the larger the asteroid becomes. So, space for the purposes of defending the planet alone must be weaponised and will be. Sure, said weapons can be used for inappropriate purposes but, as humanity grows older the chances of it growing wiser increases and as that happens. The chances that someone, nation, or group would seek to use weapons meant for the defense of our planet inappropriately decreases

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You know what, I was going to go through and list all the fallacies present in your argument, but gave up after four. Suffice it to say, your argument is not well-written.

Not saying you are wrong, but the manner in which you have shared it detracts from your actual argument, which seems kind of rambling. As such, you lose credibility in the eyes of others. You might not care, but if you are trying to convince people of something, you probably should.

Perhaps rewording it to be less emotional, and more rational?

Oh, and to help you avoid them, a wikipedia article about fallacies.

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Your right Brandon militarizing space is not impossible, maybe hard, but not impossible. We can work all this out before launch and honestly a makes me mad people are blind, who really thinks we will remain safe? Not me and you or phistur but even the outside us at a open zone, we can't see much of space without light and we probably won't see missle or troop transport till its to late. We don't need a huge force in face train what citizen can handle it and have a small military force like a few hundred. And it may be awhile but some space fighter jets. I think we would be safe for awhile.

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The manner in which I shared it? You mean by providing the facts behind my belief in a neutral manner? What fallacies are you referring to and just how does the facts presented detract from the topic which they support? My argument is well written enough to be one you or anyone else can not possibly refute. The concept of not militarizing space can only be achieved when all possible factors allow for achieving the desired goal and those factors include more than just us human beings. The biggest factor being the probable existence of sentient species that are far more technologically advanced than we are. Remember, it has not been proven that no other intelligent species do not exists in just our galaxy alone and we have found many planets capable in theory of supporting life. So, until proven otherwise the assumption that aliens do exist has to be made and planned for especially in the case of Asgardia considering what it's ultimate goal is. Defense of the planet and that simply can not be done without placing weapons in space.

Oh, and, please stop thinking you know anything regarding what I do an do not care about. I find it rather insulting considering you know nothing about me

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The "facts" of your belief cannot be entirely neutral and still support a position - unless that position is ofc one of neutrality.

The concept of not militarising space is incredibly simple to achieve - as it is currently a demiliterised zone all we have to do is fail to introduce a military component. And in the process fail to start a war with every country on the planet. The defense against weaponry is possible, and possible without weaponry.

The concept of a technologically advanced species suggests regardless of the presense of military, by the time you know they have hostile intent you are already dead.

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Oh really EyeR what if come in contact with a peaceful race but would understand why we are protecting ourselves with weapons, this isn't peace without protection. So tell me would we protect ourselves from any kind of enemy without any weapon, also if an alien race is wanting war, yeah we would be first to fall probably because of techology but honestly I feel we would stand a chance unless this race has developed that ingolf entire planets with one hit. So what's your excuse for when aliens come and want war? There's probably more of them, so they out number and out gun us. Easy take over, what would you do to stop this I'd there can't be peace?

Mar 29, 17 / Tau 04, 01 22:10 UTC

Sure they can EyeR,

Because facts themselves are neutral and because my belief is based on these facts that do nothing other than confirm the truth. My belief that they offer support to is indeed neutral. But, even if you were right, my belief alone is neutral because it does not seek to push any agenda or gain anything. It is simply built around proven facts. Fail to star a war with the nations of Earth you say? I am certain that an independent nation in space with weapons that could easily be used to attack the nations of Earth and the paranoia that will cause would serve to aid that very goal. Actually, no, no it would not, in fact that very situation would likely CAUSE the war you think can be avoided! Asgardia is intended to protect the planet and all of human kind. How do you suppose Asgardia achieves that goal without weapons especially if some advanced conqueror type race comes looking to take Earth for themselves? Just ask them nicely not to attack and leave!? What incentive would they have to not stay and kick our teeth in? Or not to demand ongoing payment from us humans in the form of resources, slaves, or both? Anyone with military experience will tell you that, good will towards your fellow man alone is not always enough to ensure your safety from attack

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