Asg 2, 01 / Jun 19, 17 09:05 UTC

Medicine must go hand to hand with science  

JamesM2012 said "think that there is no place for so called "Holistic and Natural  Medicine" in the Asgardian project. I think that there should only be  medicine."

And I think he got the point.
Asgardia must follow Science in every way, there is no room for anti-science practice in a Space Nation.

The so-called alternative-medicines are called alternative because there is no proof that it actually works. And we don't need to follow those dubious practices in these modern times.

Please, tell me your opinion about this.

Nov 11, 01 / Nov 15, 17 14:01 UTC

I am very sad to read your statement. It's out of date. Old. Please do not drag anti health and anti medicine attitudes to space. There is no alternative medicine, there is only medicine that work, functional medicine. That medicine could be found in different kinds of medical schools. Also we must be clear that there is scientific fraud in medical research. One kind of medical practice heavily burdened by industrial fraud, fake science and profiteering is the vaccin industry. Science clearly shows immunity can only be developed naturally, by nutrition, health, a sound life and best living conditions, and not artificially by industrial chemical solutions.

By the way: Does Asgardia regard vaccinations to be mandatory? Will an Asgardian citizen be protected by the Asgardian government if another government is trying to force an Asgardian citizen to be vaccinated by fraudulent, toxic, risky, vaccines? I am not saying all vaccines are risky business but Earth authorities have shown very little or no interest to independently valuate and assess the true effects and the true risks of current vaccines. As long as this work has not been committed these questions will remain unanswered.