Aug 31, 17 / Lib 19, 01 15:54 UTC

I started a Blog  

Hello there guys, 

I started a blog that I will be using to write about my experiences, developments and work for Asgardia. It's still a work in progress at the moment as I get all the elements of the website working and learn to write in a more engaging style, but I hope to be able to share on a regular basis and I am open to having collaborators and guest bloggers come and write about their experiences, visions or activities relating to Asgardia (or the general field such as space, exploration, science, technology, sociology and so on.) 

Feel free to check it out here:

Kind regards, 

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Aug 31, 17 / Lib 19, 01 17:00 UTC

Hola Ross, he visto y leído tu blog. Muy interesante. Gracias. Suerte en las votaciones.


Hello Ross, I have seen and read your blog. Very interesting. Thank you. Good luck in the voting.

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Aug 31, 17 / Lib 19, 01 17:39 UTC

@Mcheva Gracias por tomarse el tiempo para leer mi blog. Estoy agradecido. Haré mi mejor esfuerzo en la votación :)
(Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I'm thankful. I'll do my best in the voting :))

@Jason RainbowThank you for moving me to the appropriate location :)