Mar 4, 17 / Ari 07, 01 09:19 UTC

Good News  

We can now rest easy and die peacefully.

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Mar 4, 17 / Ari 07, 01 13:07 UTC

Stupid click-baiting.

People who cannot give more details than a link shouldn't make posts with links.

Describe what the hell it is, if you please, in your post. It isn't like you can tell from the URL.

Mar 4, 17 / Ari 07, 01 13:11 UTC


Ironic. It's humorous you say that because it seemed to have 'baited' you.

Mar 4, 17 / Ari 07, 01 13:14 UTC

And now, because of my post, no one else will be fooled. Your post will now languish and drop away because it really wasn't worth making in the first place.

Self-sacrifice in the face of willful ignorance. I can deal with that.

Mar 4, 17 / Ari 07, 01 13:24 UTC

You remind me on those testosterone pumped men when you enter a coffee shop and bump into their tables accidentally. They stand up and remove their shirts and start chest bumping over spilt milk. Such hostilities. Your instability humours me.

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Mar 4, 17 / Ari 07, 01 16:06 UTC

Actually, I'm kind of in agreement to the stance Phicksur holds.

It's not as if you can tell what it is by the link itself, and randomly clicking things isn't wise - especially if you're one of the masses that tends to execute code as default. I personally wouldn't (and didn't) click it just because it's youtube and would rather prevent generating usable data for them by downloading it remotely. I'm loathed to waste b/w on my host connection in throwing that media back here without knowing what it is.

The general trend on the interwebs is someone spits a link with an abstract comment - 10,000,000 people think it's brilliant, and it turns out it's just a dog in a hat and a complete waste of time, effort and bandwidth.

Where as the links that are accompanied by some form of tangible details should indicate if you would be potentially interested in following it before sending GET requests.

Mar 4, 17 / Ari 07, 01 22:19 UTC

I had no intention of jeopardizing the website in any way with the link. I chose it because it seemed relevant to the theme of the website when it comes to humanity's life expectancy if a project like this doesn't exceed what it has proposed.