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Lap of Luxury - Ideas of luxury in space  

I know, I know.  "We need to focus on making the world a better place and having solutions for the problems we face."  I agree.  I saw this on a post as an argument that we shouldn't be focusing on luxurious things.  At the time, I thought, well everything I've been reading is about making it out into space, rather than focusing on luxury as if just making a space station itself was a form of luxury which I disagree.  However, that got me thinking about some kind of earthly comfort in space.  One that immediately comes to mind is the sauna!  What are things you would want to have or see, or experience that would be considered to be in the realm of luxury and something everyone can enjoy and what would it take to engineer or logistically plan out such a thing?  Here's mine (caveat, I don't know what the logistics would be to accomplish such a thing although I did think about how it *could* be done):

I am a very mellow and relaxed kind of individual and one of my favorite past times is to sit and think, particularly in a super relaxed environment.  Voila!  Spa environments are one of the things that I find truly deeply enjoyable.  It's a past time, particularly experienced by those of arctic cultures, from hot springs to spa resorts, there's just something about it.  Now imagine this, on a space station you have a network of jacuzzis and steam/dry saunas, cold water showers and dips with body temperature jacuzzis.  Only instead of relaxing underneath the clouds, you sit back in a jacuzzi to overlook earth and the moon and the stars.  That would mind blowingly amazing.

It seems unfeasible.  Water usage alone seems to be a rather large issue to say the least.  Logistically I'd imagine windows to be able to see out with quite a view from the main room.  The floor and walls probably could not be a kind of slate but rather metallic and kind of rubber substance for the floor to keep friction high so you don't slip and trip.  Highly planned ducts for water recycling would be engineered of course.  Traditionally you have that for jacuzzis for filtering and such but I imagine that would be overtly optimized for pretty much any kind of water usage, like the showers and steam sauna.  The room would be half the height of the complex for under neath the floor (water tight, no way water gets down there) would be all the piping and electronics for easy access to be able to maintain it.  It's interesting to think about it, would require a lot of planning.  I would do it like the germans in financing it.  Have it apart of a small tax.  That way everyone gets to enjoy it because they pay for it as apart of the whole of the space station as well, the funds would be enough to facilitate it and have it decked out to the nines (very very nice in other words).  Even though it seems unlikely, it's a fun thought exercise.

What luxurious things or comforts or exciting experiences would you like to see on board a space station?

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Living on an space station would be nice for awhile by I would love to an inorganic body in the future to raise funds and resourse to build a space ship to escape this solar system and maybe start an garden on a different planet... If I had the chance to do that I will do just that

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@Jason Rainbow

Check it out!  Looks like it's possible and definitely doable.  The latency isn't too bad from what I'm reading but yeah.  https://movies.stackexchange.com/questions/42885/can-someone-really-video-chat-from-space-as-howard-wolowitz-did

I just found this.  Looks like NASA is researching and testing high speed internet in space: http://www.tor.com/2017/03/24/nasa-might-make-high-speed-space-internet-a-reality/

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@Amathauntacreator - well that's an interesting idea, very different and unique.  Not quite what I was thinking about the term "luxury" but definitely intriguing.

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I'm also assuming that by the time an actual space station that people can live on is built, the technology for high speed internet in space would already exist, and we already nailed artificial gravity down.  What about sightseeing charters?  Wouldn't it be awesome to go on sightseeing excursions (like the boat cruises) to different parts of the solar system?  Checking out Jupiter and Saturn for instance?  That would be a huge money maker.

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Luxury of an inorganic body no aging,don't have to the bathroom ( unless you really want to ) , dont feel tired but you see what I'm getting it... I would live on spacestation to do whatever to build my ship to have the luxury to see and explore the unknown... I think one major tech we should be looking at mostly is life enchancement.. Just saying that you can pass away and the type of spacestation to hold millions and sail around the outter solar system in a timely fashion might be 30-100 years... wasn't there an year 2100 nasa spaceship project i heard not to long ago 

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@Amathauntacreator - well yeah that's true that life extension is something that should be researched.  There are people studying it, and they think they've found keys to extending life indefinitely (JUST read that from Futurism I think, recent article, too lazy to link right now) but it's really difficult to find funding for it.  It's only like a few million out of multi billion dollar budget currently, if I remember right, because it's a hard sell.  Either a) it's not important, or b) living forever is an uncomfortable idea.

How many years off is it to having a space station?  We've got what 250k people now.  How many people out of that could help engineer such a thing in cooperation with NASA and private companies?  Interesting to see how the next few years will shape up.

Jun 30, 17 / Leo 13, 01 01:08 UTC

I just go by what the spacestation we have in space right now and how many people it can hold and look at the cost then try 250k- 1m people... those number is like looking at usdebtclock.org    ... I'm just trying to get you to see things in a different light.. I'm 100% for asgardia going for space station even though I have my own agenda I would like  to do and preparing for the future... I can say alot more but I better not say =- P

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I get what you are putting down.  I know a full space station would likely cost into the trillion mark.  From my reading, a permanent residence in a space station would be limited.  Something that's kind of far off.  You visit more than you actually LIVE on it.  It appears implied from the constitution and other sources as it states Asgardian citizens would have full access and free transport to and from the space station from Earth (particularly of those from developing nations).  People will live on a space station or constellation of satellites but also be apart of the Earth and be within the system of their native country using SOLAR for currency transition.  My head is high in the clouds with this kind of creative thinking about what could be, but on the other hand, I find my own musings impractical at least in the short term.  In a hundred years of steady growth and development??  Maybe??  Hah! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯