Mar 3, 17 / Ari 06, 01 07:09 UTC

Mandela Effect  

Im wondering how many people out are really affected by this situation if you have no idea what Im talking about. Google it or go check out a few vids on you tube. Mind you this is not just a laps in memory. We are talking about history, locations of human organs , location of contenets and thier relation to others. Its easy to laugh and joke about it untill you start to notice more and more changes thats others have seen as well. My question. "Should we concerned???"

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Mar 3, 17 / Ari 06, 01 15:32 UTC

I don't think there's much to this "phenonema" - it's just poor memory.

The "changes" other people have seen are just more people with faulty memory.

Mar 3, 17 / Ari 06, 01 19:24 UTC

I am from the Bearenstein Bears Universe. No doubt I, and my fellow abductees, were taken in our sleep by a trickster god. The very idea that our memories could be highly prone to errors, illusions, and confabulation is surely the more ridiculous interpretation.

Mar 4, 17 / Ari 07, 01 16:14 UTC

Just out of curiousity, how do you know you're not in that universe anymore?

Mar 4, 17 / Ari 07, 01 17:48 UTC

How else would explain all the As turning into Es? Either this universe is a different one or some power has changed the universe in a supremely petty way. There is of course no means by which the covers of millions of children's books could be changed without anyone directly observing the process except magic, so the Bearenstein and Bearenstain Universes must be different. It is known.

Mar 4, 17 / Ari 07, 01 18:17 UTC

I'd personally explain it by poor memory/attention to detail

Apr 26, 17 / Gem 04, 01 11:54 UTC

Can't tell if sammwich is joking or not.

I hope he is

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May 18, 17 / Gem 26, 01 06:38 UTC

Every person alive is a victim of this effect even those who do not believe in it. Many examples of the effect at work have been given in several videos of the subject on Youtube and many of us have noticed the changes for ourselves. Examples include Mr. Mandela having died in prison and his funeral being broadcast on television, famous lines from movies suddenly changing to something they never were and then changing back, famous logos changing, the title of well known children's books changing, and even the names of famous people having changed like Mr. Schulz the creator of the peanuts gang. Which I clearly remember as being Schultz not Shulz. Poor memory recollection could explain a small number of people mistaking things, but millions of people can misremebering all those things is not possible. As far as being worried goes, there is not any need to worry. It seems the effect is just the result of two differring time lines being merged or otherwise intersecting. Of course this is all speculation but, there is an idea that says every choice you make causes the timeline. 

To branch out and in each alternate timeline you make choices you did not in the original. Choices that could explain famous movie lines differing like the one from Star Wars. So, instead of Vader saying "Luke I am your father" which is the line Mr. Jones remembers it becomes "No, I am your father" and the two timelines that gave rise to those two lines have either been merged or have somehow intersected. Which in my opinion would explain why people remember the line differently I remember it as being "Luke I am your Father". People remember the line differently because some are from one timeline, while others are from the other or that's what I would conclude anyway. Nothing else makes any sense and the question of why some people have a different memory of events, movie lines, and logos is suitably answered in my opinion. It all sounds like nonsense to some folks I am sure but, the existence of the Panda and the legitimacy of the Platypus were once questioned as well and both were proven to be fact. Besides, no non believe can explain why or how millions of people would all remember the same thing if they are indeed false memories!