Should people under 18 be aloud to go to space?

Total number of votes: 31

35.5% yes

6.5% no

58.1% teens and up should be allowed

May 7, 17 / Gem 15, 01 18:30 UTC

Space Station? Or Habitat?  

When and if Asgardia gets to space, and sends their first people to space... is it going to be like a habitat? With 50+ people, maybe at first, and then more going to space and living for a year? Or is it going to be like the ISS and have only a few people go to space. I understand the struggles with becoming an astronaut or a cosmonaut but if you are a CITIZEN and are only going to space to live. (by then i would think we would have gravity of some sort) i dont think it should be necessary to have to go threw the training of a astronaut or cosmonaut.I believe that there should be quilified astronauts or cosmonauts on the station at all times just in case, but if this is going to be a nation we need to have a place for people to live at least for part time(like a year or something) Also are kids aloud to go to Asgardia when its built?

Jun 11, 17 / Can 22, 01 13:50 UTC

Why would you not allow children?  We'd never be a true space faring nation if we're restricted to sending women back to terra in order to give birth and then confine them to a rock for 12yrs. If, as you have stated, we have some form of gravity then there should be no major reason for them not being there. Plus, you never know, with them growing and developing in space we could launch the next phase of our own physical evolution :). 

More over, the control over their education would be an advantage. Rather than them being educated with the biases based in earthly systems in the host country in which they live... (OK I admit that doesn't make sense to me now) My point is that a UK CofE school will teach according to their belief and values, a Turkish school, Russian.... You get my point!?!

Jun 15, 17 / Can 26, 01 15:26 UTC

By all means allow teens, if they choose to go and have consent of their parents. As for children born on any extraterrestrial platform? Their education being based on general studies and survival in space should be of paramount importance - and giving them an education without the hindrance of earth-based biases and propaganda could only further the point of a unified humanity.

Jun 15, 17 / Can 26, 01 23:55 UTC

I'm exactly the same opinion as Hydia and Zachary
12+ should be allowed to go to space and build up an own society

Media is on any State in any possible way manipulated - where we fully lack of astronomical education in school.
I'm kinda glad, about at the half of the time, i where able to have the freedom of self thinking and the internet in my hands | to inform me and learn myself about stuff "normal teachers" just don't want to teach you
- be it out of nervosity for not being acknowledged enough
- be it out of being jealous | because of them not having any similar education and think such stuff is unimportant
- or even be it out of pressure from the society | never wanting to teach children about the galaxy - not that they maaybe could leave earth one day :'D

But yea, it's just problematic in any case, "re-educating" already influenced persons
Also another point i would like to mention is:
- in lower gravity our bodies and firstly, even our own basic way of breathing or the pressure to our veins and organs | just have to get adjusted (normaly by space training programs) to this higher pressure and low to subzero gravity :)

Having it be done since young growing children age, is more then just "beneficial" to any future "race" we are raising - it to be :)
I wouldn't personally even struggle about this point of decision-!
Maybe picking younger individuals may be hard and maybe only after future proof of concept - their parents would be into "losing" their child
But i think, if we do it family vise - or in escort by your brother or cousin (or who knows even 16y'o boyfriend) | it should be fully allowed :)

Jun 24, 17 / Leo 07, 01 15:33 UTC

Absolutely no children allowed for any extended periods of time untill there is some form of artificial gravity.

The effects of 0g on the developing skeletal structure of children could be horrendous. More study's need to be made on just what those effects may be.

Once there is artificial gravity then I see no problem with children on board, tho there should be extensive tests to see what other risks to development space life may pose.

Jun 28, 17 / Leo 11, 01 08:55 UTC


There is new life and no terror! 

No wars! 

No hatred! 

No discrimination! 

No Alone and No loneliness! 

No disease! 

There is no evil!

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