Apr 15, 17 / Tau 21, 01 14:36 UTC

Diffrence between education and knowledge.  

Education is concern to physical and worldly sciences but knowledge is concern to beyond worldly sciences with philosophical ideas and deep spiritual studies.

Apr 15, 17 / Tau 21, 01 16:22 UTC

Hi @Omprakashgupta,

As I personally see it education is perhaps that which is taught or memorised and knowledge is that which is discovered and considered.

Interesting topic :) 

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Apr 15, 17 / Tau 21, 01 19:13 UTC

Education is like putting pushpins in a corkboard, each with one piece of information on it. By itself, it is only useful for one thing.

Knowledge, is where you begin to put strings between the pushpins, noticing connections, inferences, and realizing that knowledge is more than just information, but the accumulation of information and how it all interconnects.


Sep 20, 17 / Sco 11, 01 08:08 UTC

In this context, Japanese has  a very relevant term to say the difference.  Education is Institutional Education, but they have so-called  Shakai Gakko . It means Education in Society.

Feb 10, 18 / Pis 13, 02 09:40 UTC

I would equate education as a process of teaching people and knowledge as actual data.

Feb 16, 18 / Pis 19, 02 02:42 UTC

Are they two related?.. are they linked. What I mean is for example. let's take any kind of example of antique empire, some of that knowledge or education is still alive nowadays but some other information is not, even some of that info we have updated it, the concepts and meaning have changed, like for example, let's just discuss that there is a change (not the amount of that change and progress) the perception about the women, how we navigate the ships, how we fly airplanes, the meaning of a family, the meaning of economy, etc, but what determines if a certain knowledge continues and the other disspears?

Like for example the situation in the Mediterranean, some ideas are extreme and dichotomies,

Coming from this part, so far? there is a budget in Asgardia, that is used to build infrastructure, and some people are being paid, the rest is being created by volunteering, in some point it will change and we will start to change our knowledge, and education what we have about Asgardia, for example, the volunteering it has rules that have been changed, as any other company or organization , the constitution has changed to so what determines what is changed or not, is made by leaders according to what they want to achieve

Feb 23, 18 / Pis 26, 02 08:05 UTC

I've always thought about this. To me, education is about learning about the world around you. Whether the physical, social, astrological, cultural, economical and spiritual world, there are all different programs. Knowledge, on the other hand is the understanding of these programs. It is often not realized that many may become educated in many things without grasping a deep understanding.

Jun 4, 19 / Can 15, 03 01:31 UTC

It is easier to present it like this;

You can give someone all the tools and teach them how to use them, but it takes experience with those tools to create a master carpenter.

One without the other is not possible.

One is the tool set, and the other is the practised application of those tools.