Feb 23, 18 / Pis 26, 02 21:44 UTC

Principia Asgardia  

I'd like to propose an idea for fundraising for Asgardia revolving around the production and sale of original Asgardian philosophy.

My thought here is to attract a community of Asgardian philosophers, and to break them down into groups revolving around philosophical disciplines. These small teams would work together to draft an essay on the topic, addressing the Asgardian people and the spirit of Asgardia within the scope of a given domain.

For example, Asgardia as a state has a great focus on science. But do we know what kind of philosophy of science should inform Asgardian scientific principles? Or do we know what the metaphysical foundations ought to be in Asgardia? How many ways can we infer from the current project what kinds of philosophical assumptions are being made and to which domains do they belong? Which of them can we critique? Which can we affirm?

I would hope asking such questions within the scope of numerous domains of philosophy and producing essays on those topics could help to produce philosophical anthologies I've given the working title "Principia Asgardia." The work can be sold in online retailers and in a dedicated Asgardia store.

Ultimately, convincing academic departments around the world to purchase copies of the work would be up to the Ministry of Arts and Culture.

If you have an interest in philosophy, let me know your thoughts on this idea.

Feb 24, 18 / Pis 27, 02 05:21 UTC

A metalanguage for acceptable scientific principles and concepts is a great starting point. But philosophy of science shouldn't stray too far into the sub-domains themselves. Our metalanguage should be as central as possible.

In addition, a philosophy of science should discuss what we believe to be the best practices for changing, growing and evolving legitimate science. We should also have a discourse for what best constitutes illegitimate science. Finally, we should have a discourse about what constitutes proper scientific procedure and which tools of reason are best applied to theorizing, formalizing and hypothesizing.

What do you think?

Feb 24, 18 / Pis 27, 02 14:47 UTC

That's definitely also necessary.

In fact, the ordering of the book would find the philosophy of science as a subdomain of the philosophy of Asgardia.

The work itself should have all the core philosophical domains. This isn't a comprehensive list but the essay listing might look like:

Moral Theory
Justice, Ethics and the State
Philosophy of Science

With one to three essays per section.

We might have for example:

"On the Metalanguage of Asgardian Science"
"On the Methodology and Development of Future Asgardian Science"
"On the Paradigms and Divisions: Distinguishing Science and Pseudoscience in Asgardia"

How do you feel about taking it upon yourself to author an essay of a kind? You might want to search through Asgardian candidates and find someone else also qualified in the sciences to co-author the essay. Or you might find someone who can author another essay on the topic.

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Feb 27, 18 / Ari 02, 02 01:15 UTC

The history of Asgardian philosophical declaration is part of the process, but it isn't the only part. Asgardia itself emerges and is born from a shared, global situation. It must not forget its place in the history of philosophy, in that regard.

Asgardia may be destined to leave its ancestral birthplace but it must remember it came from Earth.

If we are to bring people in to do the work of populating this list - and first even defining what the actual list of essays will be - We will have to have a method which attracts enough people here to have this discussion. Especially: people with a knowledge of, interest in and preferably an education in the field.

At the moment it seems like discourse in this forum isn't very high with regards to philosophy. It has been higher in the past.

I'll submit to you, friend, we need to begin talking to the candidates. We need to ask all the candidates: which of you have studied philosophy? Which among you know it?

Then together, members of Asgardia's political community who are philosophically inclined should try to actively inspire citizens they've met who are philosophical to come to the forum.

We then need to take the core disciplines of philosophy which must firstly be addressed and create threads for them.

Within these threads, people can have foundational dialectics about these topics.

Finally: as those dialectics work together to yield meaningful and interesting conclusions, we can transcribe them into interesting narratives and include them in the book. We keep doing it until finally, the book and all its domains are properly completed.

We should not say that the work which would define the Philosophy of Asgardia will be a finished one, or at all that it would conclude the discourse on philosophy. Instead, this work would begin the historio-social discourse our people will have on philosophy. And hopefully if we restrict ourselves to wise dialectics, we will set a wise tone for the future. A tone future philosophers can love!

Feb 28, 18 / Ari 03, 02 00:51 UTC

But sir - science and philosophy are alive and flourishing! We have arrived here by standing on the shoulders of gods, when we lift off to fly through the heavens we must take our past with us as a lesson, sometimes a critical one, sometimes a prescriptive one.

Mar 5, 18 / Ari 08, 02 00:33 UTC

In fact I do not think philosophy will be able to continue without finding its full expression within computers. The future is technological, and our philosophy must ancitipate it and become it. The universe is information, it's systematized expression is the fundamental mode of existence.

Mar 5, 18 / Ari 08, 02 01:09 UTC

Я отдавал дань уважения Г.Е. Мура «Principia Ethica», когда я считал название этого сообщения. В других случаях «Principia Mathematica» становится фундаментальной основой для математической логики. Я надеялся уловить дух открытия принципиальных способов и методов таких работ и вдохновить эту работу на эту новую нацию.

Мы должны выбрать широкий диапазон представлений. Садхгуру интересен - он сразу бросается в сердце действия и восприятия. Он также сокращает измеренный и отложенный план, который исторически необходим в бесчисленных войнах. Мне всегда нравилось Bayes Theorum. Я стараюсь не допускать определенной веры, вместо этого я управляю множеством ранжированных ожиданий относительно того, что может быть или не может быть. Я планирую множество возможных действий в зависимости от того, чего я не знаю.

Застрял в момент сложной ситуации, это было полезно.

Но я возвращаюсь к вашим прежним чувствам о том, как преодолеть земную философию, даже эти современные влияния. Что мы говорим о том, что мы думаем, что знаем? Моя собственная идея такова: невежество является абсолютным.

Когда невежество является абсолютным, ни человек, ни люди не могут избежать эффекта или присутствия. Но поскольку мы можем смягчить это, человечество может стать объединенным в борьбе против всеобщего невежества врага, посредством науки и философии.

Truth is a victory won in the war against ignorance. Victory is merely a prelude to another battle. The war is knowledge, the battle is inquiry and believed misinformation is defeat. Ineptitude is the price of failure. Clear vision and correct action are the just rewards for victory.

And at the heart of my ruling principle: I pursue the right, the true and the good.

What would the A-principle be? That is an enormously difficult question. If it were the requisite of all Asgardian philosophy, must it identify what is universal to the parentage of Asgardia? For example: Asgardia sees one of its obligations to be the guardianship of the earth from astral bodies. Asgardia itself is a child of humanity. Does this mean Asgardian philosophy must have at its core considerations about the health of earth?