May 4, 17 / Gem 12, 01 23:20 UTC

Thoughts on Transhumanism  

What are my fellow Asgardians thoughts on Transhumansim or H+ for short?

May 5, 17 / Gem 13, 01 00:48 UTC

I think it is an inevitability that transhumanism will move from an intellectual and cultural movement to the actual practice using science and technology to alter human beings. If we are to become a spacefaring species, one of the biggest challenges to be overcome is the significant limitations our biology creates in relation to where we can go, how far we can go and how long we can go. The advantages of augmenting a human body to enable it to interface directly with technology as well as increasing strength, durability and resilience, etc cannot be ignored.

I also think it is equally inevitable that once this tech becomes available, its use won't be limited to those involved in space travel. There will be a huge commercial opportunity by offering individuals the ability to augment themselves to be smarter, faster, stronger, better, etc. This, unfortunately, is part of human nature and will create the ultimate divide between the "haves" and "have nots".

The moral and ethical concerns that have been expressed about augmenting humans will be irrelevant. Ultimately, augmentation will be a situation where an individual consents to work being done on their own body which, in almost every civilised culture, is considered off limits for regulation.

May 15, 17 / Gem 23, 01 00:09 UTC

Transhumanism links up with visual binary intelligence beautifully, extending our evolutionary capabilities into deep space.  For Asgardians, our developments in space-based communication systems will include clusters of network-centric small satellites.  For light-based communication, we might look to 22bit visual binary intelligence, operating as networks of quantum array transponders in deep space.   We have this opportunity to receive, decode, and transmit... peace and security in space extending beyond Earths orbit.  Quantum information science and the language of FriendshipCube could bring the Nation of Asgardia beyond escape velocity, on a pathway into deep space.  When I look at the flower of life Asgardia satellite, I think of our potential as "salt and light."  Like the Aurora Borealis made when tiny cubic molecules of salt meet energizing hydrogen ions in the ocean waves, and rise to illuminate the ionosphere, I feel that Asgardian nanotechnologies might have the same ability to build sensors and communications systems extending our combined consciousness.  The formula for entropy is only reversed by evolutionary consciousness, the growth pattern of the sea shell on the Roundtable of Asgardia, representing the freedom and equality of like minds.  

May 15, 17 / Gem 23, 01 11:39 UTC

Yeah, well, some of us are already working on this while still on Earth. I mean, why wait?


Sep 20, 17 / Sco 11, 01 07:52 UTC

If we talk about  Time  and  Space travelling , there is no a way to escape from  Transhuman Technology, or else left behind. The only thing we could do  would be minimizing the unwanted  side  effect , or should be Asgardian Socially acceptable and Universally  Humanity acceptable

Nov 13, 17 / Sag 09, 01 21:32 UTC

One of my favorite proponents of Transhumanism is Ray Kurzweil.  He paints a very bright outlook on possible human enhancements attainable in the near future.

I also admire the work being done by Aubrey Gray in the field of life extension.

I am Pro Transhumanism.

Aug 7, 18 / Vir 23, 02 21:00 UTC

I like the idea of Transhumanism. Evolution is slow and it is only a matter of time that evolution should be in our hands.