Apr 15, 17 / Tau 21, 01 14:15 UTC

three human powers in this universe.  

there are three powers of universe known as money power,mind power and immortal power.Money and Mind power is concern to human being but immortal 

power is concern only to Almighty God.

Apr 15, 17 / Tau 21, 01 20:38 UTC

I have to disagree. I see there being four sources of power, with some small degree of overlap.

You have the power of society, which incorporates money, status, and structure.
You also have the power of the mind, which includes experience, intelligence, education, and wisdom.
There is also physical power, which stems from our bodies in terms of strength, speed, and fortitude.
Lastly, there is the power of spirit, which cannot be measured or defined by science, and usually the purview of the gods, spirits, or supernatural forces.


Apr 15, 17 / Tau 21, 01 23:31 UTC

Power is a function of force and time. Current scientific knowedge indicates the existance of only four fundamental forces: Strong, Weak, Electromagnetic and Gravity. These four forces projected over time has given us the universe we live in.

Humans occupy a insignificant blip of time and space. The role of "God" has been non-existent.