Pis 02, 01 / Jan 30, 17 19:12 UTC

Re: Theoretical and Experimental Sciences  

I believe there is a pattern to existence.. that is a symphony of frequency. if one were to find out the " vibratory strings" that make structure then we will be able to create at will anything. just a thought .. if anyone asks I would be more than happy to explain my ideas

Pis 06, 01 / Feb 3, 17 20:55 UTC


A fundamental string? This reminds me alot of my own theory, in which all of matter and energy particles are composed of a single building block. Using deacy patterns of known particles I was able to derive the nature of a single particle which would be composing every single thing in the universe. The idea behind this single is so efficient, I was even able to find the property of dark matter particles.

Vir 09, 01 / Jul 24, 17 03:31 UTC

Types of experimental sciences that we should look deeply into are; warp drives, hyper drives, Prolonged life, quantum communications and possibly teleportation of larger things rather than just communications. Another experiment should be to advance and expand our memory and learning capabilities ( either genetically or electronically). This is highly advised in order to make technological and scientific breakthroughs much quicker and with more ease than it would take with our current brain power. Just think of it as a computer upgrade for the mind. 

Vir 09, 01 / Jul 24, 17 03:32 UTC

PaulCis, you have quite an interesting idea. The universe does have many great and hidden capabilities. May you elaborate more on your idea?