Nov 23, 17 / Sag 19, 01 11:29 UTC

Holocene Calendar  

Hi everyone,

I'm a bit new to this so apologies if it's been discussed before. I've noticed the Asgardian calendar says it's year 1, but since this is essentially a project for humanity, why then shouldn't we use the holocene calendar? That way we count the estimated Neolithic revolution as year 0 when we first started building villages. It puts human history in perspective and it's way easy to convert to from the Gregorian one.

What are your thoughts? If agreed upon, could this be pushed for a vote if it pleases the founder?



Sep 6, 18 / Lib 25, 02 14:59 UTC

I strongly support your suggestion!

While I understand the reasoning to mark a “fresh start” with a new calendar, I’m convinced it will not catch on - for practical reasons only!

Check out this video:

In my opinion it would fit the spirit and intention much better while being way more practical!

Written on September 6th 12018 :-)