What form of Gouvernance will be suitable for Asgardia?

Total number of votes: 12

91.7% Republic

8.3% Federal

Jan 23, 17 / Aqu 23, 01 14:20 UTC

Form of Constitution,Governance and Ministries structure.  

Fellow Citizens, It's in point of view that it so difficult for us to Discuss all of these socio-political technicalities just in forums,since this needs a certain level of expetise in the matter I would rather sugest that there be a team of experts from asgardia Citizens and or hired ones seat and start the draft of these so important documents. The after completion works the main guidelines of the constitution will be published to the citizens and proceed to the constitutional vote. At least this is my opinion,so what do you think of this?

Jan 26, 17 / Aqu 26, 01 01:29 UTC

I won't lie and say that I am educated in soico-political issues because I am not which I agree with your opinion. It may be in the best interest of Asgardia to have some form of expert team to start drafting important documents for our nation for the publication and proceed to the constitution vote.



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Jan 26, 17 / Aqu 26, 01 12:49 UTC

Can I suggest that any citizen interested in what form our constitution should take, that they have a look at the constitutions of their own countries of residence and see what they contain. You may well be surprised by what you find and you may well see how a document drafted many years ago can be manipulated to suit the purposes of a few now. Traps that Asgardia does not want to fall into at this critical stage in our development.

A constitution is an important article that we all should have input into or at least have an understanding of the types of elements it should contain.

Go on, seek out your own and have a read.

Kind regards, Mr. Mac

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Feb 21, 17 / Pis 24, 01 14:28 UTC

Lacking proper definitions for either Republic or Federal, I find myself unable to vote properly.

Perhaps an edit of the original post with the OPs definitions of these would be in order.