To access Governmental Services should we use:

Total number of votes: 9

0% Paper forms at an embassy or consulate?

100% Online web portals accessed by ID cards using digital signatures?

0% Non-of-the-above. Please Suggest Below?

Apr 15, 17 / Tau 21, 01 12:05 UTC

Governmental Service Access System  

In Asgardia, may I ask how one would access governmental services. Would an Asgardian, be required to enter an embassy or consulate to access Asgardian Governmental services or could one use a web-portal like <a href="">Estonian Governmental Web Portal</a> to access governmental services like ID card renewal or passport applications. 

In Asgardia, par exemple, if I needed to renew my passport, would I have to go to an embassy and fill in a paper form or would I be able to do it online & sign my application digitally with my ID card.

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May 16, 17 / Gem 24, 01 12:45 UTC

"Nation of scientists" and "pen and paper" still? ;-)
Pretty sure we will not want to be like Italy! :-D