Mar 24, 17 / Ari 27, 01 19:08 UTC


How should Asgardians legalize agreements or contracts. Should Asgardia use written signature; digital signature; seals? If we are to be an inclusive society and nation, we should allow for citizens of different cultures legally recognize documents (such as contracts; marriages etc.) in an appropriate manner. In Mainland China (Peoples' Republic of China); Japan; Chinese Taipei (Taiwan, Republic of China) and South Korea (Republic of Korea), it is common to use a seal instead of a signature. While in the west, it is common to use a signature. In seal using nations, governments have "seal registers" where citizens have to register their seals in order for them to become legally binding. If Asgardia should wish to allow seals to be recognized, it should introduce a seal register to sit alongside handwritten and electronic signature.

Mar 24, 17 / Ari 27, 01 19:11 UTC

Digital signing, IMHO, is easier. Both in the validation and application. And a lot more difficult to spoof/falsify.

Mar 24, 17 / Ari 27, 01 19:15 UTC

If you would like an example, please look above my name as I use a Chinese Seal as my avatar. It says "Chan of Red Three" a phoentic and a name meaning transcription of my name. My First name is Sam which romanizes as 三 or Sām. My Surname from my mother means "of Red" and my father's surname is "Chan".

Mar 24, 17 / Ari 27, 01 19:19 UTC

Asgardia should be inclusive. So, a seal registry is definitely a thing and should be supported. But the decision to seal should be made by every single Asgardian individually. I would also love to use seals to sign documents because they can be part of your own history, something you can bequeath to your descendants, something you can use within your entire family and remains valid when it is combined with a regular signature for authentication of an individual decision.

Mar 24, 17 / Ari 27, 01 19:43 UTC

I've always liked seals - mostly becuase they tend to highlight interference, but they have forgery potential. Especially now there's digital technology.

Signing via cryptography, however, is significantly more secure - if less artistic.

Mar 28, 17 / Tau 03, 01 13:52 UTC

There are no real unbreakable codes, or cyphers, or cryptographies.

For the common person, a combination of something physical, and something mental, should suffice.

A RF chip with a password, or symbol, or numeric combination, or some combination should be sufficient.

If it is tile-based, a symbolic password would be highly secure. Something tiled like Carcassonne, where the tiles can fit together in multiple ways, but can align in a particular manner that one could memorize.

Mar 28, 17 / Tau 03, 01 15:34 UTC

The specification listed wasn't "unbreakable" (though I wager some will take that long it's sufficient to be treated as. Especially layered.) but "more secure" than a simple seal in a wax or similar.

An RFID or similar chip on it's own is increadibly easily spoofable, and here's where the cryptography comes in. And the use of the master key used to sign is trivially passworded to prevent unauthorised use.

Mar 28, 17 / Tau 03, 01 16:14 UTC


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