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Asgardia: Clinical Psychological Disorders  

If a citizen of Asgardia where to be diagnosed with a clinical psychological disorder that may be potentially lethal to them or anyone else aboard the ship, how should the situation be handled? (This is mainly based on citizens not yet diagnosed after already moving to Asgardia or those born in the space nation). Should a psychological health care center be opened up on Asgardia and what kind of prevention methods should be used to prevent these disorders?

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Great topic!

We should absolutly have psychological health care center(s). Preferably connected to/as a part of hospitals, for both in and out treatments.

I would suggest developing a better screening processes for our young, where they actually get tested for many of the different conditions, at certain ages. Spontaneus suggestion: the year they start school and then ages 10, 13, 16, 19, 22. This would give a good record on development, not letting a condition go to long without diagnose, but also pick up on those harder to see at en early age. This also makes psychiatric care less stigmatized, so those we wouldn't discover (or their parents) would be more likely of seeking help if they suspected anything. Good bonus: records will give great statistics both for research and to know how that part of population is doing.

For new arrivals I would actually start with a general screening of them as well. A routine example after 2 weeks, where we both do general tests for conditions and check how they're doing in (mood, food, sleep...)+ booking a session for just letting them talk in general (they will have a lot to process after moving, so everyone would have this), where we also have a chance to pick up on things.

Making mental health care less stigmatized with these processes will make it easier for people to seek out help.

School nurses should be educated in psychology as well.

Make it easy to contact us. I don't know how communication will work when Asgardia becomes reality. But have as many options as possible! If I would apply this to modern day I would say phone, textmessage, chat on website, or just coming in person should all work. Not creating barriers for those who need us.

Would suggest workplaces with a certain amount of people should have a work-nurse (like school nurse, just different place), who should be educated in psychology as well.

That's what I got right now... will probably return with more another time!

Have a good (whatever fits your timezone)

Dec 23, 16 / Cap 22, 00 15:52 UTC

It's my strong belief that there should be no hospitals whatsoever, but rather "Wellness Centers" that treat both psychiatric and physical disorders concurrenty.

I also believe that there should never be any sort of restraints used in a psychiatric crisis. No handcuffs, no belts, no jackets, and definitely no electric fences! Restraints have repeatedly been proven to be detrimental both to patient well-being and to subsequent patient care in several clinical studies. We can't fall victim to what many hospitals do simply to save time--the risk to the crew, the patient and the staff is far too great for them to be wrestling around trying to restrain the person. Psychiatric crises have to be negotiated out using social skills, in exactly the same manner as a hostage crisis or a potential bomber situation.

I'm currently trained as a social worker here on Earth, and if I were caught in a psychiatric crisis involving a dangerous person, I would be using training I received called CPI. Basically, you would adopt non-hostile body language and use blocking self-defense (e.g. blocking kicks with the large part of your leg, redirecting punches, sidestepping and running away). The goal would be to allow the person to diffuse their anger, and then use advanced counseling methods to calm the person down. That would give them time to then sit down with a psychologist. After that, there could be a broadcast explaining what happened followed by a debrief session for anyone who was directly affected. The debrief would involve explaining the event and then inviting conversation about it, so that people can express themselves.

There is specific training for suicide prevention in most English-speaking countries, and those methods have been proven to be the best.

Anyone assaulting crew members would be neutralized and arrested as per the ministry of justice.

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I'm liking the feedback on this subject! I agree that the patients should not be restrained or put under any unnecessary precautions that may prove detrimental to their well being and it's good to see that some people interested in moving to Asgardia in the future have training in these subjects. Such as ArcturianIndustries CPI training. Your abilities will come in handy, along with the "Wellness Centers". I also agree with the psychiatric evaluations that would be placed into action at different time periods as new citizens born on the ship are growing up as Rikard.Korpklo had stated. I'm looking forward to seeing what else my fellow Asgardians are thinking on this subject and how else to implement their training. Have a good (whatever fits your time zone) too!

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On the note of restraints: I agree it should be kept to a minimal, but based on my own observations and conversations I had with both patients and doctors, for some conditions restraint may actually be prefered. It should not be a standard, but could be considerd for specific patients. During strong mania, psychosis and a few other conditions reasoning may not actually get through. Some cases of ptsd may need to be alone to get back (if the trauma relates to people), even if they actually risk causing themself serious harm if left alone. These are a few examples, not a complete list.

But I think, for restraint to be used, it would either be premitted by the patient before the episode, or needing premission from several experts.

All health care have to see the needs of each individual patient. For psychiatric care this is not usually the case in modern time. There is no "onesize fits all" shortcuts.

Dec 26, 16 / Cap 25, 00 21:53 UTC

I think it's great, I think so, so that in the future we will not be surprised by infiltrators in Asgardia with proselytizing actions, just like the murderer of the Russian ambassador in Turkey, then I start to consider the importance of a mental health clinic in Asgardia , However we will experience stress, anxiety, etc., in Asgardia.

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Hello all!

What a GREAT topic of discussion. Mental health is a huge and very neglected issue around the world. So much stigma is attached to people who require assistance with their mental health and many do not have access to the help they need. There are either delays in receiving treatment or societal pressure in which to 'suck it up buttercup' through it.

I believe that Asgardia should be more enlightened about mental health care and help all of our citizenry have the assistance they need to reach their full potential. It should be as accessible as physical health care and our society should not stigmatize mental health issues. We could set some great standards when it comes to it.

Cheers, Rebekah

Dec 29, 16 / Cap 28, 00 18:47 UTC

Its a very good question. I myself im a psychologist, (behavioral cognitive & cognitive neurosciences orientation), but i think that more than focus on an individual level that diagnoses each isolated person, a good way of planning towards mental health on what i think could be a "society of the future" is a socio-psychological aproach ( of course, if we are dealing with disorders like schizophrenia or bipolar disorders with manic episodes thats a different story). If we focus on generating the instances that could improve mental health like social dynamics, sense of belonging (sense of being an active part of a group, not just be on it by chance, in other words; a builder and not a brick), a society where cooperation is the focus, not forcing everyone to compete AGAINST each other, but encourage self improvement so that personal goals are viewed as a tool to improve not only an economic situation, but to help build the society we want to live in, therefore, helping to give a real meaning and reach to each action or task. We want a society where happiness is related to generating meaningful relationships with others and contributing to one´s own world/society. For all the above we need people that are aware of their own capacities, their own bias, their own goals and feelings, so they can work them out the best way possible, and of course, we need good education for all of that, as well as good politics regarding the direction this society will be heading. Its all recursive. Apologize me if i wrote something wrong of if its not very well written, english is not my native language.

Dec 29, 16 / Cap 28, 00 19:34 UTC

ArturoTR : I agree 100%. Isolated 1-1 care is nearly impossible to provide, given that Asgardia's demographic survey on Facebook (unofficial, but still good to look at) shows that we only have 30 psychologists and about as many mental health workers. The trouble with the group approach is determining how many people we can have in one group at one time. Placement in the group could go through a triage system, maybe?

I have another suggestion, but it's somewhat controversial. I believe that there should be NO "safe spaces" in Asgardia. I've found in both my personal experience and in research that safe spaces do not actually help clients. Instead, what it does is provide an unhealthy "echo chamber" where the same views get repeated over and over again. Healthy mental capacity also involves social involvement and challenging one's own life perspective. The basic psychological approach should be socratic dialogue, rather than self-isolation in a "safe space".

In terms of the actual psychological disorders, I think that we should review the American Psychological Association's guidelines (APA) as put out in the DSM IV-R. We can then create legislation regarding the specific psychological disorders if following the DSM-IV-R causes issues.

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What ship/station?

"I would suggest developing a better screening processes for our young."

Good luck with that. Children are already over diagnosed as it is. With or without a family history.

"I have another suggestion, but it's somewhat controversial. I believe that there should be NO "safe spaces" in Asgardia."

That's not controversial, it's old school. This safe spaces shit needs to end everywhere. Not being able to cope with adversity is maladaptive. Kids these days......

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Aboslutely one or more should be opened up in Asgardia it is a requirement if we are to provide our citizens with healthcare as that refers to more than just medical health. As for the restraints they are better left in place, for the patients who would indeed harm themselves or others. The idea of removing or limiting them is dangerous and would needlessly place others in harm's way. Remember folks certain conditions can leave people unable to respond to reason. Let's not leave said folks in a position where they could harm someone or themselves. That would just be irresponsible and the hospital or psychological clinic would be at fault should the unrestrained patient harm themselves, a staff member, or another citizen. Which could mean it being sued and having to lay folks off or take other undesirable actions to cope with the financial hit

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