Feb 19, 17 / Pis 22, 01 18:55 UTC

Re: Planning to work in Asgardia's psychology department? Introduce yourself here!  

Hi, I"m Yahoo

I studied 4 years in psychology university, but dont graduate.

Self-Student in Psychological, Scientific and Spiritual perspective of Mythology, Religions and Beliefs.

I'm willing to work with some these functions: Leadership, Motivation, Spirit and Skills Guidance and Training, History and Evolution of Human Mind (psychoarchaeology)

And prepare the way for some new psycho areas in space, thinking in solve problems in space conditions, mental illness for space isolation and aliens encounters and more....

As well i know, in this life maybe i will not voyage in space, but let the dream come true thru the next generation of us...

Peace all!

Mar 3, 17 / Ari 06, 01 13:15 UTC

Hello to all the citizens of Asgardia, I am at the disposal of the group contributing 25 years of therapeutic experience in clinic, besides several research works in psychology of the space, greetings

May 24, 17 / Can 04, 01 22:45 UTC

Greetings I am Dr. Perry J. I'm a PHD in psychology and have taught and practiced for 30 years.  The idea of Asgardia is exciting in the pursuit of knowledge, healing and growth.  What a gift that of knowledge which is shared. Cheers!

Jun 12, 17 / Can 23, 01 08:46 UTC

Hi, I am Mike, a certified psychotherapist who works in the fields of clinical hypnosis and NLP with a vast experience in working with people. 

Jun 20, 17 / Leo 03, 01 13:07 UTC

My name is Douglas Bentley and I currently live in New Jersey, USA.. I have been conducting research into the correlation between quantum tunneling and human thought patterns. furthermore, I believe that thought exists outside of time and space and as such can directly influence the quantum vacuum energy field, thus effect matter directly. To complicated to get into here but I sincerely hope that I will be able to prove my myriad of hypothesis in Asgardia

Jun 24, 17 / Leo 07, 01 15:51 UTC

Hey everyone!

My name is Jenie, I have a MS in counseling psychology with the intention of going for my doctorates. I work as a therapist in community mental health. I firmly believe that mental health and well being is a crucial factor in physical well being.

 I am fascinated by our burgeoning  Space Nation and I sincerely hope that things progress and grow. It would be nice to be part of a larger global connection of similar ideals.

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Jul 14, 17 / Leo 27, 01 01:22 UTC

Hello! My name is Lucílio, from Brazil! I have a degree in marine science, experience in administration and I'm currently studying Psychology. I think psychology is essencial to give support to our nation in the space! We know very little about the effects of living out planet earth. I am interested in working with space research related to the field of psychology.

Jul 14, 17 / Leo 27, 01 09:32 UTC

Hello Asgardians, This is Alessia, 24 years old, almost psychologist and baby researcher in this field.

I'm finishing a Msc in psychology at the university of Geneva (ch) and I'm about to start a PhD on resilience. Push human bounderies is my life goal, that is why I truly belive in Asgardia's project. Please, give me an opportunity :-)

PS: I have postulated for the "strategist" position with a clear idea in mind: I want to contribute to make Asgardia a resilient community. here: https://asgardia.space/en/blog/candidate/807670-11471-i-want-to-contribute-to-make-asgardia-a-resilient-community/

Jul 24, 17 / Vir 09, 01 23:03 UTC

Hello, psychology is not my main profession but i've learnt several courses for public relations and social  interactivity. Also i used to read books and learning  for it. I'd like to take part in the work of department.

Jul 26, 17 / Vir 11, 01 18:15 UTC

Hello everyone! I am from Turkey. I am 21 years. I am student at Ankara University. My departmant is guidance and psychological counseling. I love my bachelor programme. If I finish university, I will be helpful for people's heathy. I wonder space life. If I lived Asgardia, I would like to be succeed for human. I would like to be professional about neuropsychology. Now, I am just student. I have studied psychology since 2015. 2 years later, I am going to finish my bachelor deggre. After that, I want to work at space.   

Jul 31, 17 / Vir 16, 01 14:33 UTC

Hi fellow Asgardians

I live in Oman, there are only a handful of people, living in this area.

I did however give a lot of thought regarding, the quality of leadership, one could aim for. I have special interest in the psychological motivation driving us, as people.

I am inviting you, to read my blog. 




Pleased to meet you!

Kind Regards

Sharmaine Pretorius

Nov 15, 17 / Sag 11, 01 21:59 UTC

Hello, Hello. My nick name is Liùsaidh (due to privacy reason) and you are welcome to call me Liù.

I am still quite young and not about to study Psychology, but closely plan to do. But I am already studying a lot myself through books, other sources and own studies. I guess you could call me the future-to-be in the Asgardian psychology department. I would be very happy to join in. My interest in psychology comes from the question what motivates humans, makes them think and work how they do and the human mind and the emotions, inner and outer forms. 

Nov 26, 17 / Sag 22, 01 02:05 UTC

My name is Jason. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I have a Master's of Arts in Counseling Psychology with a Specialization in Transpersonal Psychology. I am interested in the mental health of all citizens of Asgardia and the health of their relationships. We are relational beings. Social interaction is key to brain development.

Currently I work in community mental health as a Program Director and Clinical Supervisor.

Jan 1, 18 / Aqu 01, 02 13:12 UTC

I am Vladimir, Medical Doctor,, Specialist Psychiatrist with MSc in Forensic Psychiatry. Practical clinical experience, undergraduate and post graduate teaching experience. Looking forward for interesting debates...

Mar 10, 18 / Ari 13, 02 17:27 UTC

Hello everyone!I'm Victor. I am Honduran and currently a consultant in the area of Human Resources and Organizational Psychology. I also work in the area of training. I hope to be able to help with my knowledge and experience in recruiting and training personnel.

¡Hola a Todos! Soy Víctor. Actualmente soy Hondureño y consultor en el área de Recursos Humanos y Psicología Organizacional. Además trabajo en el área de capacitaciones. Espero poder ayudar con mis conocimientos y experiencia en reclutamiento y entrenamiento de personal.