Aqu 01, 01 / Jan 1, 17 17:01 UTC

The Space Elevator : Legal Framework  

Hello fellow Asgardians,

Here is the last article of the Space Law Resource in 2016, written by our new contributor Kamil Muzyka. Since October and the opening of the groups on Facebook, we saw numerous topics about the Earth Space Elevator. Should such project become fully functional, what would be the legal framework for it ?

The article also provides a lot of informations about the technical and structural aspects of the system.

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Aqu 06, 01 / Jan 6, 17 10:23 UTC

Lets say that the space elevator works and one day it collapse what will be the results of that for a) asgardia and b) the rest of the world?

Aqu 09, 01 / Jan 9, 17 13:33 UTC

Depends on will it be a Earth space elevator or a lunar space elevator.

First it would be the reduction of launching costs, for both earth and Asgardia. Second, more people would have access to space, for many people are being cast off as unfit for spaceflight due to health problems. Those forces acting on a body inside of a rocket might cause health risks to people with fragile joints and other problems, where the Elevator makes the trip more pleasant.

Aqu 18, 01 / Jan 18, 17 19:10 UTC

I would hope that soon the Elevator will be functional as a reality. This is the only way my wife would join me in space. Perhaps one day this will be the stairway to Asgardia for those of us who are financially unable to afford space travel?

Aqu 20, 01 / Jan 20, 17 16:59 UTC

Legally, I'd figure that it would function similarly to a border does today, although I imagine that our laws regarding this "border" would be quite different than anywhere else.

Can 27, 01 / Jun 16, 17 18:34 UTC

Could someone explain the technical details