Jul 24, 17 / Vir 09, 01 03:52 UTC

Magnetic shielding  

The concept of magnetic shielding could allow for us to block out the deadly affects of space. The magnetic shielding could add to the defense against radiation from space. Along with that lead lining, gold, and even water could help protect us. What are your thoughts Asgardians?

Jul 26, 17 / Vir 11, 01 22:32 UTC

We even may create protective net for Mars in the future. Because it's loosing a part of it's atmospere because of solar winds and high-energy particulars in it.And Mars does't have suitable magnetic cield to be protected of radiation.

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Aug 25, 17 / Lib 13, 01 05:17 UTC

I have ideas on Electromagnetic Shielding Technology but is only a Concept.Imagine a tall glass of water a long spoon you stir it up faster and faster!

You will notice that the liquid water will create a convex shape thicker at the bottom then thinner alone the insides of the glass cup.

As you force it to rotate even faster it will thin out evenly all the way up and down the inside of the glass,slow your stirring or take out the spoon and the fluid slowly drops back down and thickens up.

Thats tthe whole concept,send out a space craft with the cargo of 1 x unit that will be made via 3d printing / manufacturing and solar panels will open up while in earths orbit will then charge up the large space frame via the solar panesl,once fuklly charged a space craft leaves earths orbit to meet up with the fully charged frame.Once near each other the frame opens up and clamps around said space craft locking intpo place.

Then the space craft satarts its journey into deep space and the frame is activated creating the vortex fluid electromagnetic shielding.The space raft will generate electric power so trickle feed the enclosure being that the field is being pulsed it can be pulsed at almost any rate of speed and field strength.Heat is dissipated via the sppace vacum as NASA has said space = -240 c so that is one massive heat sink for the equipment running the Electromagnetc Fluid Shielding.Once near Mars or a moon the clamping device shuts down opens up stay in orbit recharging all over again until needed.

To land on a moon or planet same technology but differant physics and engineering will be needed.

Aug 25, 17 / Lib 13, 01 07:49 UTC

Hello everyone

I also have a idea regarding the electromagnetic shield..  We can create a triangle of laser sheild into the orbit surrounding the earth if any asteriod comes near the earth then the lasers will cut asteriods into small pieces....

Dec 23, 18 / Cap 21, 02 01:13 UTC

I've been working with this concept for a short time, but I was thinking to just replicate the earths magnetic field. Create the field ourselves with a iron core and heated material/laser rotating in the opposite direction. If my thinking is right, it should create a magnetic field just as the earth does and can be directed outside of the ship. An example would be the magnetic field from the movie passengers.