Jan 19, 17 / Aqu 19, 01 06:29 UTC

Programmers will be the back bone of Asgardia  

Hello all,

My name is Mike, in the US, Montana. I have a background in military and I am currently a cyber security consultant. I strongly believe that programmers will be able to create a sustainable environment in space. What do you think?

Jan 19, 17 / Aqu 19, 01 09:50 UTC

Hi, there. Yes,you are right,I'm a chinese programmer too, :-)

Jan 19, 17 / Aqu 19, 01 12:29 UTC


I believe that Information Technology will be the core of our nation.

I'm Front-End Developer in Brazil.

Jan 19, 17 / Aqu 19, 01 16:32 UTC

Hey Mike, can you elaborate on what you mean by sustainable? Do you see a future society that is mostly non-physical, backed by blockchain finances and an over-the-wire democracy? Or do you mean humans can be physically sustained in space through software advances alone?

Jan 19, 17 / Aqu 19, 01 22:19 UTC


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Jan 19, 17 / Aqu 19, 01 23:00 UTC

Hi, I'm a Belgium student / Programmer I've got my bachelors in IT and currently following another bachelors degree in Education STEM/IT. Programming and automation is the future. I believe you are right , Technology is the future for a lot of things. However we shouldn't forget that for some professions human contact is vital and beneficial.

Jan 20, 17 / Aqu 20, 01 04:28 UTC

Hi Im a student of computer science and I strongly agree with your idea, not just because we live in a digital age but we need to connect people from different place. which the only viable solution is to improve this platform and provide more ways for people to connect, such as develop an forum app that have easy control for subscription. Which do require a lot of programmers in the near future

Jan 21, 17 / Aqu 21, 01 06:22 UTC

I'm one of these strange hobbits I guess. I work in 3D everyday as well as sound engineering software. I really do think people who are well-versed in 3D interfaces will do well in the future development of Asgardia. I'm one of those people in the world with high spatial reasoning skills. There are others like me too. Manipulating objects in 3D-space to connect data streams in real time would be key in future technologies. There are so many new and exciting technologies coming online dealing with propulsion, space/time mapping, quantum physics and more, requiring 3D mind-set and spatial reasoning skills - and we need the help of those with these types of skills to "put it all together" and "keep it running".

Jan 24, 17 / Aqu 24, 01 12:19 UTC

It won't be long before software is done largely by AI. Like a lot of else.

Ofc, it requires programmers to get there.

Jan 26, 17 / Aqu 26, 01 23:17 UTC

AI has always been fascinating to me. I am an amateur programmer myself: using AutoIt. I should learn some other languages, mainly to optimize performance. I hope to learn from all the professionals around here, so I'll be reading many of these threads. :)

Jan 27, 17 / Aqu 27, 01 12:18 UTC

AI is a well published subject - additionally consider the likes of hanging about in IRC's dedicated to, like #AI on freenode - might find some MIT folks in there - or #machinelearning might have traffic.

Try edging into something like python or java, or if you're "happy" with general programming concepts, try jumping straight into C or C++. Things like Raspberry Pi, Arduino, ESP8266 etc are incredibly cheap and could provide for some more "hands on"/practical work and moving away from pure software.

Jan 27, 17 / Aqu 27, 01 21:10 UTC

EyeR, Perhaps I ought to have said I'm a hobbyist rather than an amateur. I'll look into the freenode universe - thanks.

Jan 28, 17 / Pis 00, 01 17:12 UTC

I wish there was some sort of github like platform where we could work on designs for the station/ships, so that we could get the ball rolling for a lot of the more technical critical systems. For instance: hydroponics, power infrastructure, telecommunications infrastructure, etc. This would also allow us to start loosely programing some of the control systems for the country as well and help define the community as a tech and research based society. (I do scientific programing in the USA).

Jan 28, 17 / Pis 00, 01 17:45 UTC

I've put in a feature request for "collaborational tools" - this apparently is being worked on.

What this will actually result as I am currently unsure, as we are treated like mushrooms for some reason, but I am confident we could of done this ourselves by now - if only there was specification made of the current limitations and somewhere to hold our collective output.

A suite of tools wouldn't just allow progress of more "technical projects" it'd also allow for progression in almost every conceivable area - and thanks to the powers of crowd sourcing, at a rapid pace. Control systems - especically of massive structures - is indeed a topic that will require adressing, and it will take a little sensible thought - but it's something a long way away from what we'd need - and again, likely AI will designing this for us, better.

Jan 29, 17 / Pis 01, 01 19:00 UTC

I think that the programmers will have a big rule in Asgardia as like as any developed nation on Earth. However, IT may not the main challenge in the space after Asgardia is realized away from the Earth. As Asgardia nation will stay temporarily on Earth, we should focus on IT where it is the most recent technology.