Jun 25, 17 / Leo 08, 01 07:35 UTC

Re: Programmers will be the back bone of Asgardia  

OK guys, so tell me how you programmers will provide and distribute food, water, energy, oxygen and all the basic stuff we need to live properly ?

And regulation can be done through simple analogical signals

Jun 29, 17 / Leo 12, 01 20:07 UTC

@Laurent Peter, I don`t understand that you have to see your comment with the post.

It would be interesting you to clarify it to us so that we can all collaborate.

Jun 30, 17 / Leo 13, 01 10:12 UTC

Let me just ask you a simple question : how can you run your programs without energy ?

From what I have seen so far people here are enthusiastic. They say "we'll do this" "we'll do that" but the problem is they often forget the basis. No matter how developed a civilisation is, the core piece is ENERGY. Without energy you can't do anything. It's just as simple as that. So my question was a bit... sarcastic, you see. And what bothers me is a programmer basically saying "we programmers are the most important person here". This I don't like.

Now this is settled, let's continue. We must begin with the basis. The primary needs of a person are water, food and a warm and secure place to rest. I have mentioned food in the engeneering forum. But food and water are not really my domain. I am rather specialised in heat ventilation and air conditionning and I know some things about electricity.

So, once we have built a structure which can resist to the exterior conditions, we have to make it viable. The first thing we have to think about (even before food or water) is air. Air must contain around 15-20% oxygen and the less pollution as possible. But this is not the subject so I won't be long. What I want to say is, for almost (if not all) of our primary needs we already have a solution. This is just a matter of money.

Furthermore, as I said in a other topic, it is useless, inefficent and dangerous to centralise everything. Just look at the ISS, it's modular. The impression I have is some people want to reinvent hot water. To me, your job as programmers is to design networks more efficient than we have today, not connecting everything together and putting sophisticated programs everywhere !

I hope this is clear now.

Jul 4, 17 / Leo 17, 01 22:48 UTC

I just missing where programmers can apply to check how they can help ;)

Jul 7, 17 / Leo 20, 01 12:32 UTC

Hello, I'm a developer too: Java(App and Android), T-SQL, C, arduino, html, css, javascript, PHP and a little bit of Assembly.

I can help with projects for Asgardia

Jul 8, 17 / Leo 21, 01 15:31 UTC

Programming will be needed on Asgardia as it is now needed in everything we do. But we first need the hardware so the software will come during the initial phases of a project. As an Engineer, I work on both Hardware and software and integrate them together. both are needed equally. Of course once the hardware is up and running, the software will be used to control it or make it do its intended function(s). Right now the current trend in Aerospace is to use the "PYTHON" programming language. But I see Programming will be the main skill on Asgardia as it is here in the real world that we know as Earth.

Aug 1, 17 / Vir 17, 01 18:38 UTC

Intelligent minds in general are the backbones. 

> Programmers
> Engineers

Aug 10, 17 / Vir 26, 01 07:28 UTC

Hi everyone!

I'm a computer kind of guy. I've six years of experiencie in .NET and two more in web developing (Java+JS+Spring/Hibernate+MySQL+Ext.js...) all this in a working environment. I also have some skills in Phyton, php, c++... In the other hand I like Networking and Systems, I'm a Linux enthusiastic, an ARMs lover (Raspberry for the Win!).

So if there's some interesting project count me in! 

Thank you!

Aug 12, 17 / Lib 00, 01 13:57 UTC

Count me in too!

Sep 12, 17 / Sco 03, 01 09:48 UTC

Hi, Im a student of computer science and I think that the programmers will have a big rule in Asgardia!

json formatter

Sep 22, 17 / Sco 13, 01 09:36 UTC

Hi Mike 

I'm Alireza, I'm programmer from Iran and Studying Artificial Intelligence now, I think AI will the core of Asgardia nation

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Nov 13, 17 / Sag 09, 01 14:04 UTC

@Laurent Peter   I fully agree with you.  Programmers and IT come in, at the later stages of a project of this magnitude.  Sure programming is an important part to engineering and making sure things run, but (like you said) the basics need to be put in place first, before any real automation/improvements can be done.

How can one improve something, that hasn't even started yet ;)

Nov 14, 17 / Sag 10, 01 15:59 UTC

Programming is a tool to solve problems. Its good to have programmers (I have been one since 1983), but always to solve some problem, be it business or for my own understanding of things.  One such endevour is a virtual world I run to simulate what it takes for a space society to work, things like software to run an independent bank. The inclusion of chemistry to understand the breakdown of common lunar ores like anorthite and the yields of oxygen, silicon, alumium and calcium contained in that mineral (along with many others). The growth and processing of food. Energy production in many forms, including solar, fission, etc.  I also use this virtual world to study the human element, how people work together, and where they dont. The use and mis-use of resources. There isn't enough people to fully simulate governing bodies, but some code is in place to such things. Things like formal agreements between people which require signatures at various steps along the way with the money held in escrow. This also provides documentation in case of a dispute.  There are indeed many aspects to a society, and I have looked at some of this for some 12 years now in a VR way.


Nov 15, 17 / Sag 11, 01 22:10 UTC

Programming works for the continued digitalising of data and such. Meaning that it will be considerably important for the future Asgardian technics and society.

I agree with the message of Centauri. It is a way to solve problems and to make it difficult to make things go easier.  It is also part of engineering and many more topics that will gain more importance in the future, and in Asgardia and Informatics will flow more and more into those too.

Kind Regards, the Wordsmith