I believe it would be wise to ensure the access of Technology creates by, and for the Space Kingdom of Asgardia, remain only accessible to Asgardia only under strict laws that permit Technology use by other states that could end up being used for undesirable applications, such as offensive means. I have a few ideas as to how this should be handled.

1-Quantum Network used to distribute sensitive information about Asgardian Technology and creations without the need to extra precautions due to the security benefits of Quantum Encryption.

2-No Nation State of Earth is allowed to use, or gain access of Asgardia Technology either by association or export means, unless mentioned Nation State has not been involved, in support of, or has influenced an Earthly Conflict/War for at a minimum of 20 years.

These are just a few suggestions for safekeeping of Asgardian Technologies and ensuring secure flow of Technological Information.