Sep 3, 17 / Lib 22, 01 19:09 UTC

Standard-Issued Devices  

What do you think about this? Should we all have issues tablets / devices like we do IDs?

Sep 5, 17 / Lib 24, 01 11:44 UTC

A good idea. However, they are the least troublesome to have without the problem of wearing them and resistant to all kinds of damage. In addition, standard docking stations would be a good option to have no problem using such devices as workstations.

Sep 10, 17 / Sco 01, 01 01:48 UTC

While the draw for this would be quicker communication, easy access to standard procedures (for both maintenance and system operation), and a decrease in need for storage space for leisure items such as books or games, the issue it creates is the same issues you get with the internet of things. individuals gaining access to things they shouldn't. for instance, one person doesn't like a particular vegetable that gets served regularly, so they hack into the agricultural division or into the logistics division to find a way to remove that vegetable from the menu entirely. Or, to take it to a pettier place, a jilted lover starts using the network for the aforementioned tablets to stalk another individual. That's not saying everyone having a tablet or something similar is a bad idea, it's just got some issues that need to be addressed.

Sep 14, 18 / Sco 05, 02 22:28 UTC

I love this idea so much