May 13, 18 / Gem 21, 02 23:07 UTC

Thoughts on Interstellar Space Travel  

Hello all.  Just looking for some ideas, I thought a space nation would be a good place to start finding some people who know physics/engineering and are interested in space.

Let's talk about the idea of interstellar space travel.  Lots and lots of things stand in the way, not the least of which is the slow speed limit of spacetime (lightspeed) and also the maximum acceleration a human body can handle (49m/s^2, or Alpha Centauri in about 450 days, ignoring the speed limit).

I'd like to start a discussion with you about how we can quickly, easily, and safely transport people to other star systems.  I feel it would require new models of physics to even be achievable.  I have not ideas on this subject, and I want to hear yours.

Jul 25, 18 / Vir 10, 02 10:54 UTC

Es un tema que  también me apasiona. Te dejo  un enlace sobre los últimos hallazgos sobre la posibilidad del viaje de curvatura

Dec 23, 18 / Cap 21, 02 01:00 UTC

The best way to ensure we physically get to our destination would be through a cryo-sleep type of stasus.

Feb 27, 19 / Ari 02, 03 09:57 UTC

I could  offer such idea. And I have to say that this idea is practically tested already. Several years ago I had emerged from my physical body and flown from Germany to Belarus with the speed of 1100-1200 km/sec approximatelly (Belarus is former Soviet republic between Russia and Polen). The time of the fly was 1 sec. And I think that the speed of 1100-1200 km/sec is not a Limit.  My calculations show that maximall possible velocity exceeds the light-Speed by a factor of 1021

The light Speed is a Limit for rough Matter that consists of electrons, Protons and Neutrons. But, our Soul is not a rough Matter and the limitations of Theory of Relativity do not work for it. Our Soul is Information. The Velocity of Information is 2.5x1029 m/sec approximatelly. Do you know what is effect after Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen? In this effect we transmit an Information. Einstein believed that the information is transmitted instantaneously. I had calculated the Speed of Transmission: the Speed is a very huge but it is not instantaneous. 

Today the next Problem is following: we must learn to transform the rough Matter of space ship to the form of Information. In such case our space ship will break through the galactic distances for times 1 to 10 Seconds. Other advantage of such Technology of the space Journey consists in Impossibility of Collision with space dust and meteorites. Principally we know the Technology of such Transformation of the rough Matter to form of Information. This Technology was found randomly many years ago during Experiment of electron Interferention. 

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