Dec 30, 17 / Cap 28, 01 00:01 UTC

Religion agama adrian  

adrian religion based on divinity

humanity, respect for the universe and its contentsfollowing the instruction given by the author or the founder

there is no contradiction to any particular lawbe it State government, customary law, or natural lawprovide

 services to the community

Dec 31, 17 / Cap 29, 01 05:33 UTC

[POLICY] Statement about Religion. Asgardia is a secular society. Everyone is free to believe in anything in his/her own privacy. While any intellectual exchange is feasible, Asgardia does not support any personalised expression of religious beliefs. Content outside the scope of secular discussion will be removed.  

This is in reference to your three posts made outside this subforum that have advocated for particular religious beliefs.  Since those posts will be removed, this post has been placed here for your information.