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Re: The role of religion in Asgardia? Just An idea  

Reduced to the question : "Should theology be a field of research in Asgardia?", I would say theology is part of social sciences, so that is definately a solid yes. No field of science should be left behind.

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@Jason Rainbow

Thank you for the prompt reply and the information.

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"Science without religion is lame; religion without science is blind." - Albert Einstein

Religion is something interesting to discuss, but knowing that each point of view as to be respected. In Science it's a bit difference, as you can demonstrate something to be right or wrong. In theology that can be made too, but only if you take a dogmatic point of view about a determined subject. For example: In the Christian faith, Does Jesus Christ is really God? A truly christian theologian will prove you that is right, but this may be a non sense for a muslim or a jew for example.

So religion as a role to play in Asgardia as something which is a fundamental part of human nature, but obviously we won't define who is right and who is wrong in absolute things, but inside precise a precise canon this is possible.

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I do not think that Asgardia needs it's own religion however all Asgardians should be free to follow their own faith providing they do not break any laws or hurt/affect anyone else. If we start telling people what they can and cannot believe then we are no better than those down below who fight and kill and force you to follow them. We are better than that !

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Likewise there is no reason why people cannot have a faith yet still be interested in science. At the end of the day both are looking for the answer to the same question, to explain how it all began and where we came from. Incidentally I follow various aspects of Buddhism, Wicca, shamanism and Norse yet I am also very interested in astronomy and astrophysics. I do not feel any conflict between any of my beliefs and interests, instead I regard them as two sides of the same coin, or different chapters on a very long and interesting journey.

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Thanks for all you answers

I will made a topic, about the canons of religion in Asgardia, can i?

Providing chance for every religion maifestate itself in Asgardia, in personally and socially ways, not to give Asgardia a RELIGION FOR ALL, but respecing all religions in this planet, for the knowledge they produce.

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Catholicism, because it's the truth.

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I already sent my unsubscribe message by email, thanks for clarifying

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Religion is like everything else thought-based: something to be studied, and believed in by those who choose to do so. Asgardia shouldn't be anti-religion any more than it should be pro-religion.

Religion is an intellectual instrument humanity has created to help it understand its purpose, place in the universe, and feel a sense of belonging. It is of vital importance to most of the Earth's population, and as such it should be as well understood as politics, psychology, and all other intellectual instruments.

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The abuses that religion has performed in the public space all congeal around the concept that religion has the right to inflict itself on others. In many Constitutions, the right to free religion has been interpreted that no limits can be placed on the speech of religious individuals if they say they are doing so for the sake of religion.

In order to combat this, restrictions must be placed. You should not prevent ALL religious public speech, as that would be unduly restrictive. You CAN, however, indicate that public speech is allowed when it is respectful of all other Asgardians in earshot. No inducement of fear, no getting in people's faces, backing off if they say they don't want to hear it. You aren't limiting their speech insomuch as enforcing a set of guidelines on their speech that respects the rights of other Asgardians not to hear it, if they so choose.

I should point out that I have no love of organized religions; any of them. My aunts and uncles were bible-thumpers who told me I was 'going to Hell' from around the age of 7 because I wouldn't do what they said. Needless to say, over 30 years of 'religious abuse' has made me sensitive to what you are saying, but I also recognize that the problem isn't in the religion, it is in the speaker and THEIR communications; the religion itself is not to blame, only its agents. That being the case, we should direct any laws on the individual responsibilities of polite society, not blanket limitations on all religions.

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The religion of the future will be a cosmic religion.  It should transcend a personal God and avoid dogmas and theology.  Covering both the natural and the spiritual, it should be based on a religious sense arising from the experience of all things, natural and spiritual, as a meaningful unity - Albert Einstein 

The cosmic religion should be based of the nature and spirit of the human being and our relationship with God. To be real there are way too many topics to be covered to say the value of all things. The role of religion should cover the core typology that shaped mankind today since the first age of man, Today the Modern age of man, and how should we grow as humans breaking through the modern age. 

Cosmic typology, should sum up the timeline of everything Big Bang, Adam, Evolution etc. From the golden age of man until today. 2012 was a stepping stone for mankind, perspective changes reality changes and will continue on until the next shift on 2036.