Mar 5, 17 / Ari 08, 01 05:41 UTC


Hi, brothers, I'm wiccan and I'm from Spain. I hope that known many people from over places to construct a chain of light. Happy go and happy return. "Feliz ida y feliz vuelta"

Mar 6, 17 / Ari 09, 01 14:43 UTC

My wife is Wiccan, but not Asgardian. I don't actually know of any others.

Perhaps more will post here.

Mar 13, 17 / Ari 16, 01 16:07 UTC

Hello! Male Amarican wiccan just started my B.O.S.

Mar 13, 17 / Ari 16, 01 16:20 UTC

I usually hesitate to go public with religion...but with this new nation being created.....

I like to think of myself as Wiccan. I've studied, but the past couple years, I've fallen from my studies and meditation...probably due to being nervous with my fiancé. I don't like being talked down about...and we don't always have the same ideas for life. I love her, but she's not Asgardian.

I do miss my studies, but your not alone in this world!

Nov 20, 17 / Sag 16, 01 22:23 UTC

Hello! I am a young Wiccan woman, although I am a solitary witch I do love knowing that there are other Wiccan Asgardians