Jan 8, 18 / Aqu 08, 02 05:45 UTC

Food - Production - Sanity & Safety  

Fraudulent, Mislabeled, Adulterated foods are detected each day by many nations on Earth, many test random samples of imports & exports of food and related products. 

This adulterated food in some cases can be a danger to the health and well being of citizens of Asgardia. Particularly to those of us with food allergy's. The citizenship as a whole are endangered, as banned dangerous and toxic substances have been known to be knowingly introduced to food supply's that can not only make people sick, ultimately food contaminated with some antibiotics; result in death, in most cases with out even knowing how or why. 

I suggest Asgardia begin the process of introducing policy's and true randomized food import/export testing of all foods entering or leaving our territory in space and our territory on earth for the protection of our citizens and leaders. These steps may also help in reassuring that the nations we trade with can trust our product to be pure, safe and produced without forced labor of any kind.

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Jan 8, 18 / Aqu 08, 02 05:55 UTC

Testing with big labels i agree