Dec 21, 16 / Cap 20, 00 09:14 UTC

Resource Trade  

Being a spacefareing nation, we would be able to get our hands on alot of, possibly rare resources that alot of other nations would love to get their hands on. These are the questions that come to my mind: 1. Who would we sell these resources to? 2. What if we find a resource that is deemed too powerful for human use?

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Dec 23, 16 / Cap 22, 00 01:41 UTC

I think ministers would need to model Asgardia as a System. latest research from MIT suggests that the best way for New Urban enviroment is to be based on Compact Urban Cells. Because Asgardia is now a distributed system of citizenship this model might work best. i do not believe in TAX. I also do not believe in ownership. I prefer the governing system to work using local business to ensure leas of accommodation for citizens. a very complex financial model. yet most of the loops are re-enforced loops this ensures financial prosperity.

Example: I wish if we can use the cannon in the ISS to launch more and more money generating cubesats for Asgardia. different chapters may operate their own cubesat to assist in the economy of the country and so on... many other examples exist....

Feb 11, 17 / Pis 14, 01 12:37 UTC

When Asgardia is recognized by UN and asgardian passport is considered a visa-free passport by the earthly countries, it means that Asgardia is delegated by the earthly governments to be the representative of the Earth in the space. Even after the space missions are launched and the space settlements are established, Asgardia should support the Earth as much as possible by the technology advances achieved by Asgardia. Similarly, any rare resources discovered in the space by Asgardia should be sold to Earth by proper and cheaper prices than the current prices for some of the rare resources existing on Earth such as gallium.

However, when ther mission of Asgardia nation in the peace in the space, it must be considered that the resources sold to any country on Earth will only be used for peaceful purposes. The earthly regulations for violence prevention will be followed by Asgardia.