What month of 2017 would work best for you to attend an event in Oregon State?

Some things to note: While I am from Washington, I would be more than willing to travel to a half-way point on the west coast. This is why, tentatively, I chose Oregon. If a better state would be more suitable for this then by all means, let us change it. I would like to get the ball rolling and so over the next couple of weeks we can hammer out a plan that works for the majority (as lets be honest, it will not work for EVERY one of us)... Let's get some input and put together the first large scale Asgardian Meeting in North America. All are welcome to attend American or not. I'm looking at possibly a three day weekend event where we can get a large group rate at a hotel, use a low or no cost gathering hall or conference center and cap it off with a family friendly event such as a theme park. All ideas welcome, all suggestions thus far are very loose. Provide the input, Lets make it happen! Think family friendly. There are lots of registered youngsters in Asgardia. Also bear in mind that while it would be exciting to do this tomorrow, many people will need sufficient advance notice to save money for the trip and provide ample time to work vacation plans through the workplace.

Very Respectfully, Levi Fraser