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@ Ryan

Radio Talk Show Time!

Mar 7, 17 / Ari 10, 01 15:16 UTC

@Ryan zohar
VoA is not in discussion, as we're all feeling it's part of Asgardia too: that's why I suggested, as feedback was requested (I'm not the thread's opener), that VoA should be "more related", in network terms, to Asgardia:, as suggested by @EyeR.
(a nice side effect of using a subdomain is it doesn't cost money to build and mantain, usually: just to add a CC record under the SOA)

That's not to beat VoA but, at the contrary, to hope it looks "more asgardian". :-)
Also, we're discussing kind of "a detail" which, maybe, have not been "correctly evaluated" (IMHO) at the time to build VoA, and there's nothing bad into that. But, I think, there's room to improve, if you like to.

Mar 7, 17 / Ari 10, 01 18:13 UTC

I'd personally suggest not so much as "more Asgardian" but "more officially recognised and sanctioned".

Anyone can setup a website, but scoring a subdomain of should only be possible for things "approved" of by the larger project, and lends some sense of cohesion to the larger initative. The rental on the domain (interesting it was picked with such a short rental period, much faith) is happening anyway, so subdomains can be delivered sans cost.

Mar 15, 17 / Ari 18, 01 19:38 UTC

I didn't mean to come off sounding snarky; there was a mention in one of the comments that I was with the Asgardian government, so I had to clarify to avoid confusion . I really appreciate this input, and in fact will be incorporating many of the ideas and suggestions here in our expansion proposal. Well done guys, keep em coming.

Mar 15, 17 / Ari 18, 01 21:33 UTC

On the subject of clarifications, IMHO y'all should have a seperate account, or clearly seperate operating mode - to visually prompt that your actions are that of an individual, or in "offical capacity" - basically until you actually require to be a moderator then being one isn't much more than pretty yellow text - of no particular purpose. Minimally it opens up for the possibiltiy that without specific effort on your part it's possible for your personal views to be interpreted as official standpoint. I'm sure as a person you'd also like treating as an equal, rather than having folks generally licking your ringpiece because you've a shiny sticker and they think it'll get them somewhere.

Rather than make effort when attributing personal opinion - which unless there's an incredibly immature userbase should be the overall more frequent activity - this should be the default, and the "extra effort" (could be placed on your interface as a checkbox, reducing actual complexity) to signify "official action". The act of ticking that box can also sample "evidence" and present an additional contextual form for the transparent handling - Execution of your duties shouldn't represent a dozen hoops, 15 different peices of software and as much complexity as it's possible to generate. It should be click » done.

This, ofc, is just my opinion.

Mar 28, 17 / Tau 03, 01 01:41 UTC

So far I have been enjoying the varied mix, though due to the lack of programming it gets repetitive after a day of listening. I look forward to more variety over time. My own collection veers just as wildly between metal, blues, classical, pop, and mashups of all of the above.

I am not sure if groups still work since they messed up the site, but we could easily have an Asgardian chart that reflects the music people play on a wide range of devices. Spotify has already built in, and the official desktop "scrobbler" software has plugins for many media players.

There are alternatives to such as MusicBrainz and ListenBrainz which may be of use once there is a VOA app or Asgardia app with integrated player. Things like this allow people to click on a like/love button, so that real engagement and satisfaction can be factored very quickly.

Apr 3, 17 / Tau 09, 01 13:41 UTC

We are an independent media initiative. If you're unhappy with the amount of news coming out of Asgardia right now, trust us, you don't want VOA run by the same people. As far as the logo goes, you're welcome to submit your own.

We are working on programming variety, but we're all volunteers and I personally am working a lot for Civic Asgardia as well. We just brought on two more people and will be contracting an audio series on Space law through the Space Law Resource here in the near future.

If you'd like to join us to help us mix up the programming a bit, please send an email to

Oct 7, 17 / Oph 00, 01 06:31 UTC


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Oct 16, 17 / Oph 09, 01 14:51 UTC

I think we could use a new logo, and some new designs, i have done one to do as example:


With Better visibility:

they are only examples, we could do some techno backgrounds and ask for the comunity to every 2 months do some good logos and background!

Nov 4, 17 / Sag 00, 01 08:42 UTC


Thanks for the idea. I will pass this along to the admin team. 


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