Dec 22, 16 / Cap 21, 00 15:59 UTC


Greetings to everyone, I am incredibly proud of how far we have come in such a small space of time and look forward to getting to know you all. What we have here is something special and together we can nurture it into something amazing.

Peace and Goodwill to you all.


Dec 22, 16 / Cap 21, 00 16:30 UTC

Greetings to all my Fellow Asgardians! It is my hope that together we can create a better tomorrow for our collective species, if you ever need something or a opinion about anything hit me up!


Dec 22, 16 / Cap 21, 00 19:56 UTC

Hello from Argentina! And welcome to the Official Asgardian forums. We are very glad to have all of you here.

You are invited to join the discussions and to participate of the debate, and to start your own topics. But, before doing it, I suggest you read the Posting Rules (

Thank you for being part of this community! :)

Peace and Goodwill to you as well.

Kind regards.