Dear Asgardians,

I'm Frank from Luxembourg, I'm very curious to see how far this project will come and if this somehow second chance will be taken to eliminate some problems the humans made on earth.

We should live together in freedom and teach, protect and respect each other. I'm a IT company owner and everyday I'm faced to ppl that have problems with IT, I aslways try my best to help them and this with the greatest respect and that not because it's a customer but because it's a living individual and deserves to be respected.

We are all made of the same and need the same so let's be one unit. See how strong those small ants are, that's because they act as a unit and put the community above the individual unit. In first it sounds like you will lose on this but as everybody protects you and takes care of you, you get way more out of it as if you wpuld only look after you.

Herby I offer my help if any IT related task needs support.

Sincerly Frank from Luxembourg