Dec 28, 16 / Cap 27, 00 16:18 UTC

Howdy from Canada  

Hi everyone!

I look forward to meeting/discussing you all while exploring the forum from Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada :)

Feel free to message/reply me if you see me around

Dec 28, 16 / Cap 27, 00 20:54 UTC

Hello to you Allen For now there is no way we could know how many members are online and who are online, also no way yet for private messenging. For communication it will have to be trough topics regarding your opinions, that I hope you will share on the different topics of the forum! :D

Dec 29, 16 / Cap 28, 00 07:34 UTC

OK thanks for the heads up :)

Jan 28, 17 / Pis 00, 01 07:24 UTC

Hi,AllenDeGray, how do you do. Nice to meet you.