May 6, 17 / Gem 14, 01 06:05 UTC

It is strongly recommended that can choose all the Chinese web pages  

Dear Igor Ashurbeyli:

     Since Asgardia create news spread to China,The number of the Chinese response has been far ahead,Although China's English level is everyone knows that bad,But language gap failed to prevent our enthusiasm,So far,Asgardia members of the nationality of China always in the first place,I believe that most of the members of the English is very poor, are similar to me.This difficulty, have been trying to prevent me from the attention to Asgardia,You have Chinese choose identity page,Let us very happy, and hope,But for a long time, English gap failed to make most Chinese into BBS.So I want to be able to see all Chinese pages  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Your faithful Jeffrey


The above content is using youdao dictionary translation, I don't understand English

May 16, 17 / Gem 24, 01 08:40 UTC

Thank you very much for your answer,I can understand

May 19, 17 / Gem 27, 01 07:23 UTC

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